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Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #15

We’re half way there!  This is another comfy t-ball/soccer outfit.  Nothing too complicated and has a few layers in case the weather changes.
Get ready because the next week’s worth of outfits is going to be survival status.  Pretty much anything I can throw on my body in a few minutes time is what works.  This is as real life as as any fashion blogger/mommy is going to get!
It is time for vacation Bible school again and it is busy, busy, busy!  Hang on to your hats!

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #15

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #15 by stylefromthesticks featuring twisted tees

Puma twisted tee
$39 –

White waistcoat
$6.27 –

Soccer/Track/Golf/Tennis Meet

If you’ve got kids, there seems to always be a reason to be standing outside in the brisk spring air freezing.  Usually it involves some sort of sport- be it soccer, track, golf or tennis.  And I’m sure I’m leaving something out.
The temptation is to bury yourself in a blanket and hide in the car.  And if it is below 40, I can’t say I wouldn’t be right there with you. But if you can manage the cold, bundle up in a raincoat that’ll keep out the moisture and a bright hoodie that’ll cheer you up.  Stay with the action in your tennies and carry your goodies in a big old tote.  Colorful mittens and a fun hat will keep out the cold and lessen the pain of your circumstances!
Go team!

Soccer/Track/Golf/Tennis Meet

Soccer/Track/Golf/Tennis Meet by stylefromthesticks featuring fingerless gloves

Puma lightweight hoodie

Parka coat
$28 –

$49 –

Onitsuka tiger sneaker

Beanie hat

Spring Break- Tennis Anyone?

Need to get a good workout in?  Grab a racket and pack this little number.  Add in some pops of color and your score won’t be “love” on the court, you’ll be loving the way you look.  Even post workout…

Tennis Anyone?

Tennis Anyone? by stylefromthesticks featuring cross jewelry


Breo sports jewelry
$31 –

Ralph lauren