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Colors for the Closet

I have been hoarding all of my Instyle color crash course feature articles to post in my closet for some time now.  But I just hadn’t gotten around to hanging anything to display them.

What was the color crash course?  You may remember my post on them here.  Basically Instyle would create outfits based around a specific hue and then also provide other color options to coordinate with that color.

And I love them.  They help so much when getting dressed in the morning!

I decided that I would move a bulletin board into the closet so I could pin all of these lovely pages right on my closet wall.  It’s old school Pinterest!

Here she is going up-

Bulletin Board Up

Bulletin Board Up

And fully loaded-

Colors Up And Ready

Colors Up And Ready

It’s hard to get a good side closet shot!  I grouped them by color.  So all the yellows are together, I just have to flip through the pin to find what shade I’m looking for, etc.

Here’s the best full on shot I could get in-

Close Up Shot

Close Up Shot

I could just write all these down, but visuals are much easier.

Oh to be so organized in the mornings!

Mixing Masculine & Feminine

Mixing Masculine & Feminine

Our last lesson for a while is about mixing feminine and masculine textures and looks.  The combination is so wonderful.  And here’s why.  Think about a beauty queen all dressed up for competition in her dazzling sequin fuchsia gown, big hair, lots of lipstick and high heels.  While this outfit is Barbie’s dream come true (and perhaps men across America’s), it pretty much leaves you with a cavity.  Think about all the great film female characters that you’ve watched- they all have a little something “extra” that makes them tough while girly.  Scarlett O’Hara had her fiery garnet gown that Rhett carries her up the stairs in and her green velvet “drapes” dress.  Holly Golightly wore her LBD with pearls but don’t forget the Ray Bans.  When Harry & Sally* go on their walk in the park and Sally is wearing her Panama hat with a blazer and polka dots (totally a look I’d wear today), this moment from the movie makes these characters fragile and strong at the same time.  Suffice it to say, it’s a pleasing combination.

How to do it?

In my first look, I took a floral printed, soft skirt (feminine) and paired it with a boyfriend sweater (masculine) and brogues (masculine).   I kept the same cocktail ring and added it in each outfit.  No sweat.

The second outfit began with coated denim.  Much more comfortable than real leather (see Ross Geller and the lotion) but with the same tough texture.  I paired it with lace.  Whoa.  That was a stretch.  And a little bit of sparkle.  The outfit maker?  The leopard print shoes.

The last outfit is a classic combination- satin top, tweed skirt.  They are a match made in heaven.  Those heavy materials crave something juxtaposed to their condition.  Big words today.  A pencil skirt always means heels and pretty ones.

I hope I gave you something new this week to think about when you are putting outfits together!

*Please don’t make me reference this movie.  Google it you young pup!

Mixing Masculine & Feminine by stylefromthesticks featuring a pencil skirt

Cut loose top

Mango blue blouse
$32 –

White House Black Market pencil skirt

Monki flower print skirt
$40 –

Peep toe slingback
$39 –

Putting Outfits Together #2

Putting Outfits Together #2

Today’s lesson is about putting together outfits with a top that has more than two colors in the pattern.

In outfit one, I combined the top with a solid black pant, but spaced out the addition of a pattern in the shoe.  Because this outfit had those two patterns already going on, I chose a solid neutral bag.

In outfit two, I paired the top with a similar colored pattern.  Keep in mind that a tight and small pattern like this is really considered a solid.  The eye doesn’t really “see” the pattern but it sure creates visual interest!  I added in even more eye candy with two-toned shoes and a bag that while neutral, has a subtle pattern.

In outfit three, I picked up a color in the top and found a skirt to match it.  Then I added in texture with the accessories instead of more pattern or solids.

I know this seems like a ton of information to take in when you are staring at the clothes in your closet.  But keep these tips in mind when wondering how to put outfits together!

Putting Outfits Together #2 by stylefromthesticks featuring sand bags

SELECTED pattern t shirt
$55 –

Neon Rose long skirt
$44 –

VILA grey bodycon skirt
$39 –

Mango skinny jeans
$39 –

Mel black flat
$19 –

Strappy sandals

Guess purse

Tony Bianco sand bag
$92 –

Putting Outfits Together

Putting Outfits Together

There may be a few face palm moments in this post for a few of you, but I am writing it for the ones who may not be confident in putting combinations together.

This post is specifically about pairing tops and pants.  In the exercise above, I used the same shirt and accessories as to not distract from the differences between the outfits put together.

Situation number one-  The two color patterned shirt.  The easiest way to combine this top with pants is to pull out the two colors in the pattern.  In the above case, these are white and black.

In the first outfit, you can see that the white isn’t very impactful.  It gets a little lost in the pattern and color of the shirt.  If you wear white pants with this outfit, it isn’t wrong by any means.  It just needs a little something more.  I’d throw on a red belt or shoes.  That would punch it up a notch.

In the third outfit, you can see that the black really draws the eye in.  Using the black creates a more sit up and notice outfit.  Again, this isn’t the “wrong” choice.  But looking at each outfit, side by side helps you see what each option does.

In the second outfit, the khaki color creates more visual stimulation.  Why?  Because the color is not found in the top.  You are adding in a new color to the outfit, one that complements the top but doesn’t “match” it.  This takes a little bit of practice to know what colors look good together, but once you go out there and risk it, it isn’t so hard.

Tomorrow we’ll do a three color patterned top!


Putting Outfits Together by stylefromthesticks featuring a black skirt

J Crew striped t shirt

Old Navy khaki shorts

Morgan black skirt
$39 –

Summer sandals
$31 –

Hive Honey pendant necklace