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TV Series- Frasier- Daphne Moon

I thought I’d do a little stint this week on TV show characters and make up outfits inspired by them.  They just so happen to be my favorite TV shows of probably the last 25 years.  I don’t want to date myself by going back even further.  I’ll save that for another day.
Here is one of my all-time favorite shows- Frasier.  And this is what I picture Neil’s heartache, Daphne Moon, wearing.  Good night Seattle!

TV Series- Frasier- Daphne Moon

TV Series- Frasier- Daphne Moon by stylefromthesticks featuring a brooks brothers umbrella


Oxford shoes

Brooks brothers umbrella

Nature Walk

Stir crazy we all are and just the notion of being out of doors (as they used to say) is tempting enough we’ll brave any kind of weather.  Get some exercise in the process.  What sounds really great, a nice walk.
Suit up in sweats, walking shoes and a cute headband.  Take the pedometer so you know that it was good for your body but you won’t need any kind of instrument to know that your soul was refreshed.

Nature Walk

Nature Walk by stylefromthesticks featuring lacing shoes

People Tree striped t shirt
$27 –


Rieker lacing shoes
$91 –

Forever new
$14 –

Talking Pedometer

Red, White and Blue

The Fourth of July is just around the corner (seriously! where does the time go?) and that means dressing festively but not wearing fireworks on a grandma sweater.
For our one item three ways, let’s focus on the chambray shirt.  Pair them easily with colorful shorts and your outfit is complete.  Throw on as a coverup over a retro swimsuit.  And lastly, when you’re headed to view the fireworks, throw on as a jacket over some white jeans and a striped tank.
Now that’s what I call sparklin.

Red, White and Blue

Red, White and Blue by stylefromthesticks featuring 1 piece bathing suits

European Vacation

Instead of thinking of the movie starring Chevy Chase, let’s dream about being in a romantic city soaking up some amazing architecture and sipping a glass of good wine at dinnertime. 
If you are lucky enough to take a dream vacation to Europe, I’ll try not to be jealous and instead help you pack.  Be sure to include the following:  a scarf, it’ll add dimension to your outfits without adding bulk to your carry on; two pairs of walking shoes because you’ll be siteseeing everywhere; and something demure to wear for your evenings.  Regardless of what you wear, they will know you are American.  So show them how well an American woman can dress while vacationing! 

European Vacation

European Vacation by stylefromthesticks featuring crystal jewelry

Mooiee chiffon top
$45 –

Quiksilver striped top
$35 –

Phase Eight jersey knit top
£29 –

Dorothy Perkins cropped capri pants
$39 –

Beige mini skirt
£25 –

TOMS bright shoes
$58 –

Mimco crystal jewelry
25 AUD –

Enamel jewelry
£15 –

Wallis printed scarve
$35 –