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SWL- Fashion in Your 50s

Lloyd gives some fashion tips for women in their 50s.  He says that at 50, the three fabrics of choice  for your style should be cashmere (who doesn’t love that!), merino wool (almost cashmere) and silk.  He calls them the “holy trinity.” So I created three outfits with each for the woman who doesn’t want to dress like a kid but own her own style.
Each outfit is mindful of heel height and appropriateness while keeping maximum style and comfort.  Women of every age can have great style!

SWL- Fashion in Your 50s

SWL- Fashion in Your 50s by stylefromthesticks featuring silk scarves

Short sleeve top
$97 –

Oasis cap sleeve top
$73 –

Isabel de Pedro jersey skirt
$91 –

Joules lightweight pants
$74 –

Raxevsky white capri
$62 –

Henri bendel jewelry

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #2

Back to normal life…
Here’s what I wore to kick off the library’s summer reading program with a visit from Dan Wardell from IPTV.  He is a celebrity to the children here.  Suddenly my oldest thinks he is too cool for this sort of activity.  Which makes me feel OLD.
Although it was pouring outside, we also celebrated my mother’s birthday with a special meal and a rousing game of Crazy 8, which the kids loved.
It’s days like yesterday that remind me of how another year is to be celebrated and how lucky I am to have my mother in my life.

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #2

Here’s my version-

Happy Birthday Mom!

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #2 by stylefromthesticks featuring embellished tops

H&M short shorts
$12 –

River island watch
$38 –

Just Another Rainy Day

In the forecast, more rain.  And I won’t even type that other four letter word that was mentioned.  Fight the dreariness with a jolt of color.  Bubble gum pink will do the trick.
I love a fun pair of rainboots.  I wore them before they were cool.  And playing in the rain with a bubble umbrella is one of my earliest childhood memories.  I still have the old purple one that we had, even though it is broken.  It lifts my spirits just to see it.
Oh, and don’t forget alittle vitamin D.  I think we could all use some right about now, don’t you?

Just Another Rainy Day

Just Another Rainy Day by stylefromthesticks featuring crew neck sweaters

A Week of Thanks- Black Friday

Wow.  I was out all night shopping so I’m sorry I’m a bit late with this post!
Black Friday means comfort over fashion.  I recommend three things:
1)  Comfy shoes
2) A hat- who knows what your hair is going to do after 12 hours
3) Dress in layers- today it was FREEZING and multiple layers were required
Lastly, don’t ever do Black Friday alone or with babies.  It just isn’t worth it.
Have fun shopping!

Black Friday

Black Friday by stylefromthesticks featuring a toggle coat

Fat Face scoop neck top
$40 –

Toggle coat
$96 –

Mango straight jeans
$64 –

River Island beanie hat
$16 –

Week Two of My Style

For your viewing pleasure, here is week two!

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