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Seven Wardrobe Updates for Spring- Day Seven

Day Seven-
This is one spring update that I am excited to purchase, cat-eye sunglasses.  Every summer I go through about four pairs of sunglasses which is why I don’t spend more than $20 on a pair.  It never fails that they get stepped on (by me) or snapped (by a child) or lost (my husband).  So I try not to get too attached.  I just can’t get them to last.  I have no idea what you poor folks do that have prescription sunglasses.  I would be a nervous wreck waiting for the day they were broken.
As for sunglasses, you know the styles- Jackie O bug eyes, the Risky Business Ray Bans, the Angelina Jolie aviators.  This year, it’s all about the cat-eyes.
Here are some you may see on me, that is if they don’t get broken first.
Leopard Trim Ramona Sunglasses
Leopard Print Ramona Glasses from Fred Flare $14
I love how retro these are.  Definitely go with a pinup swimsuit.
Jennifer Lopez I Heart NY Cat's-Eye Sunglasses
Jennifer Lopez I Heart NY Cat’s Eye Sunglasses from Kohl’s $20
So JLo…
And if you are really feeling the pinch, check out the price tag on these-

Cat Eye Sunglasses from Forever 21 $6
I hope you enjoyed my spring wardrobe updates!  Hopefully these pieces will breath some new life into your warm weather clothes!

Seven Wardrobe Updates for Spring- Day Six

Day Six-
I’ve said this before and I’m going to go ahead and beat that dead horse.  If you don’t already own a striped shirt, you should seriously consider getting one.  If not, you’ll be missing a huge trend and a classic piece all rolled into one.
Pair it with neutrals, pair it with color, pair it with your white jeans or shorts, add a scarf, throw on a blazer, the options are limitless.
Here are a few-

 QSW Highway Stripe Tee - Quiksilver
QSQ Highway Striped Tee from Quiksilver $48

Knotted Striped Tee from Forever 21 $11
Striped Seamless Tee
Striped Seamless Tee from New York and Co $13
Think of this piece as you would your red espadrilles.  When you can’t figure out what shirt to put with an outfit, add the striped tee.

Seven Wardrobe Updates for Spring- Day Five

Day Five-
Pretty much my number one rule with all things fashion (and pretty much my entire lifestyle too)- style trumps function.  It is a fact that frustrates my husband to no end, but I know this about myself.  In a perfect world these two things would always align.  But there just aren’t many pairs of high heels that you can wear while gardening.   And do your tools have to be pink?  No, but they are cuter.  And are twinkle lights energy efficient, no.  But all these things are all necessary.
Such is the case with my anorak jacket. I love my anorak jacket.  What exactly is an anorak jacket?  According to Wikipedia (the source of all knowledge online), it is a heavy jacket with a hood.  It can also be interchanged with the word parka.  The anorak jacket is supposed to be waterproof with drawstrings at the waist and cuffs whereas the parka is typically down and knee-length.
My jacket does not fit this description.  It does not have a hood, it is not waterproof (even though it looks it).  It isn’t even warm.  Really all it has is drawstrings at the waist.  But I still love it.  And according to Ann Taylor Loft, that is what an anorak is.
The anorak may be last season’s new “must have” but let me tell you, it is still fashionable.  It still trumps an oversized sweatshirt, a pullover windbreaker or a dingy old fleece.  
Here are a few that I’d buy if I wasn’t already in a relationship with one-
Hooded Drawstring Anorak Jacket
Hooded Drawstring Anorak Jacket from Charlotte Russe $21
anorak jacket-tencel twill anorak
Tencel Twill Anorak from Bebe $90
Now, if you want to hear a few success stories of where style and function get married and have babies, I can tell you about my water glasses, when I first had a Michelob Ultra Lime Cactus or when eyeglasses first got their dark tint.

Seven Wardrobe Updates for Spring- Day Four

Day Four
I know it feels a little like it’s 1990 and you’ve just been asked what you’re going to wear to the junior high dance, but a denim shirt is a comeback kid this season (and even last).
It can be tricky.  There are many in the fashion world that say don’t abide by that old fashion rule and go ahead and wear that denim suit.  I mean, denim on top, denim on bottom.  I, for one, am not that forgiving.
Leave the denim suits to the models.  For us regular folk, please mix it up a bit.  Here are a few options I found on Pinterest-
long shirt/denim shirt
From champagneandsequins.tumblr.comI love this idea of the maxi skirt and the denim shirt.
Denim shirt
Image from google.comI also like this take on the mini and the cowboy theme (taken from a runway)
denim shirt&laceskirt
I like the lace and wedge sandals.  The lace really creates a weight to the outfit that matches the weight of the denim.
Don’t know where to find one?  I personally would check out your local Goodwill (as these have come and gone in the fashion years, you’ll be sure to find one).  But if you like new, here’s one-

Only Denim Shirt from Yoox $45
Denim shirts, not just for the cowboys anymore…

Seven Wardrobe Updates for Spring- Day Three

Day Three
Pretty much this season if you add (or wear) any piece of clothing in the following colors, you are trendy.  Think pale pink, coral, mint or baby blue.
Here are a few items that I’m coveting-
Image 1 of Warehouse Colored Ultra Skinny Jean
Warehouse Colored Ultra Skinny Jean from Asos $73
This is one of my all time favorite colors, but I always think of putting it close to my face.  How fun would these colored jeans be?
Ruffle Halter Dress from Arden B $41
Coral is so hot and this dress is even hotter!  This one will look good on just about any body type.  And there is so much forgiveness in that skirt shape!

Color Distressed Denim Shorts from Forever 21 $16
Yup, everyone needs a pair of pink shorts!

Vero Moda Very from Yoox $85
If you have blue eyes, choose a blouse like this and they’ll be electrified.  I love the subtle print and the airiness of this blouse.
Pick a pastel, any pastel and feel how wonderful it is to have a sorbet colored spring!

Seven Wardrobe Updates for Spring- Day Two

Day Two-
I’m a pretty big fan of espadrilles in general, but when you combine them with the color red, I’m a big big fan.  It is hard to go wrong with a red shoe.  Maybe you’re thinking you don’t wear a lot of red.  I don’t much either. But a red shoe goes will a tremendous amount of clothing options.  Especially when you don’t know what shoe goes with an outfit, choose red.  It’ll draw attention, sure.  But it also adds that pop of color that sometimes is just needed.
Here are my favorites-
I haven’t tried these on, but they sure do look like they’d be comfortable-

La Mer Bleu from Yoox $30
If you want something a little bit demure, here you go-
Bow-Front Espadrille Wedge
Bow-Front Espadrille Wedge from Charlotte Russe $39
And if you’re looking for a show-stopper sandal, you’re in luck. Here it is-

Pleaser Women’s Tootsie Wedge Sandal from Endless $45
Bask in the compliments that will follow wearing these shoes!

Seven Wardrobe Updates for Spring- Day One

The weather is going to start getting more and more fabulous and that means it is time to break out the warm weather items!  If you need some help breathing life back into your tired spring wardrobe from last year (or several years ago), I’m doing a short series on items that’ll give you some bang for your buck!
It is NOT required that you wear pants every day. You are a female and therefore embrace that whole other section of clothing that men don’t get to wear (unless they are Scottish).  So for my first item, find a fun skirt.  Look for a few of the following.  And just one should help give your closet a jolt.  All of your solid colored shirts have a reason to live now.
Here’s an awesome example-

Relaxed-fit Wrap-style Skirt from Mango $29
This has at least six different colors in it and has an unusual shape to update any basic.
If you don’t want something that colorful, try this one-
Val Button-Down Skirt from Alloy $30
It’ll make your neutrals perk up.  I also love the buttons.
If you’re looking for the opposite, a neutral to go with your brights, here’s a great option-

Mossimo Women’s Elastic Waist Skirt in Navy from Target $20
Each of these will be a cinch in the morning.  Throw on a simple top, add the fun skirt and some heels and you are out the door!  How’s that for spring awakening?

Day Twenty-eight- Date with the Mr.

It’s that coveted time that happens only when the stars align- a date with your significant other. Rejoice in the experience and remember what kindled that fire to begin with by dressing romantically.
Start by wearing a dress (gasp!)-

Striped dress from Banana Republic
Throw on your Kmart trench over top for a little mystery-

Toss on a pair of peep toes-

Nine West Women’s Escher Peep Toe Platform from Amazon approximately $79
Don’t forget to leave the mommy bag at home and grab the “I-don’t-need-anything-else-tonight-but-lipstick-and-my-ID” clutch.

Magid Satin Ruffle Flower Clutch from ebags $26
Thanks for enjoying 28 days of spring mommy style!

Day Twenty-seven- Shopping with the Girls

Maybe it’s the retail therapy or maybe it’s just the time spent with the girls, either way it is quality time that’ll cure what ails ya.
Step it up and leave the jeans at home for another day.  Instead wear your chinos-

Mango chinos
Keep it simple with a dark tee on top, but not boring either, so add on your scarf-
Image 1 of Pieces Florissa Floral Scarf
Asos scarf
One more layer just in case you’re chilly-

Ambition Twill Blazer from Nordstrom’s on sale $45
Oo, do some matchy-match with your shoes and wear your loafers-

Old Navy loafers
In those babies, you can shop all day!
Remember these words of wisdom today from Pinterest-
Pinned Image


Day Twenty-six- Mom’s Group

As I am winding down my 28 days of mommy style (how fast the days are going lately, I can’t believe!), I’m hoping that these little experiments of mine help you to see how just a few staples can really get you by.  There are countless ways of putting pieces together!
Today’s another visit to your mommy group.  Although the other moms don’t care what you show up in, sometimes it is just nice to have a reason to get dressed like you mean it.
I’d start with this fierce blouse-

Floral Print Button-Front Blouse from New York and Company $45
Tuck into your flared jeans-

Gap jeans
Put on a few of those necklaces that hide in your jewelry-

Long Rondell Necklace from the Limited on sale $18

AEO Layered Disc Necklace from American Eagle $16
And defy mommyhood in these chunky wedges-

Fergie Women’s Percussion Wedge from Endless $70
(Never underestimate the wearability of a grey heel.)
Yea for mom’s group!

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