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Day Five- New Restaurant

It’s been long awaited.  It’s time to try out that new restaurant your family has been waiting for.  Wear something casual but that equals your excitement.
Let’s start with this floral skirt-

Chaps Romantic Sportswear Floral Tiered Georgette Skirt from Kohls on sale $46
Keep it simple underneath with a white cotton tank-

Hanes Women’s Tagless Lightweight Ribbed Tanks 3 pk. for $13 from
Add a bit of roughness to that feminine skirt with your denim jacket-
Jeanology® Distressed Denim Jean Jacket
Newport News jean jacket
Combine these pieces with this straw belt from Von Maur-
Nine West Straw Stretch Belt
Nine West Straw Stretch Belt $34
Lastly, throw on your sneakers and go taste some of that yummy food!

Tulip Canvas Rocket Dog tennies

Day Four- Grocery Shopping

Just about any mother I know dreads this activity.  It can be especially trying for us girls that live in remote areas where you tend to grocery shop all at once because you can find things cheaper in “the big city.”  No doubt there will be meltdowns (from the kids too).  Stay cool in a version of jeans and t-shirt!
Here’s an easy shirt from Target-
Xhilaration® Kimono Tie Back Top - Assorted Colors.Opens in a new window
Xhilaration Kimono Tie Back Top $18
Add together with a shot of hot pink-

Skinny jeans from 6pm
You’ll need comfy footwear to be frazzle-free-

Tulip Canvas tennies from Rocket Dog
Hopefully there won’t be any clean ups on aisle nine!

Day Three- Church Meeting

Whatever your talents and gifts, the church can always use them.  Tonight you’re offering your insights to the church leaders and while this isn’t formal, you need to feel presentable.
I’d start with a blazer.  It always makes your outfit a little more serious.
And I am seriously drooling over this one-
Tomato Red Linen Blazer
Tomato Red Linen Blazer from Charlotte Russe $37
(I love, love, love tomato red. And it is hard to find. Scarlett? Crimson? Ruby? All over the malls. But not tomato. The color pops, it is so energetic and fresh. Like a poppy. I also think it is more universally flattering than the darker reds.)
Now that the business part of your outfit is taken care of, feel comfortable in this t-shirt and jeans combination-

Striped tee from Loft

Gap flared jeans
Give yourself height and presence with these brown wedges made to look like boat shoes-

SM Women’s Lenor Wedge Pump from DSW $50 
Don’t forget a stylish way to house all of your church projects- 
Image 1 of River Island Leather Shopper
River Island Leather Shopper from Asos on sale $70
Go out and use your talents and lay your churches’ foundation.
“We have different gifts, according to the grace given us. If a man’s gift is prophesying, let him use it in proportion to his faith. If it is serving let him serve; if it is teaching, let him teach; if it is encouraging, let him encourage; if it is contributing to the needs of others, let him give generously; if it is leadership, let him govern diligently; if it is showing mercy, let him do it cheerfully.”
-Romans 12:6-8

Day Two- Volunteer At School

If you’re headed off to school today, you never know what you’ll end up doing.  You could be tying someone’s shoes or you could be trying to remember who the 26th president was (Theodore Roosevelt). Either way, you’ll need to be comfortable with the kids, but you probably should set an example and not show up in your pajamas.  🙂
Here’s what I’d wear from our basics to volunteer at school-
Sweet Pea Women's Contemporary Shirred Top with Tie at Waist
Shirred top from Von Maur

Mango chino

Piperlime wedges
Wow.  How easy was that!  Throw on your favorite jacket or even the trench from our basics and you’re off to make someone practice their ABCs!

Day One- Tackling Chores

It’s necessary.  You have to vacuum, dust, mop floors, etc.  Your house can’t wait another minute.  If your whole goal today is to tackle those chores most of us don’t enjoy, then don’t stress about your clothes.
Let’s pick the knit pants today for sure-

MICHAEL Michael Kors Straight Leg Ponte Knit Pants
Michael Kors pants

Throw on something really simple, like this t-shirt-

Liz Claiborne Scoop-Neck Floral Top from JCPenney $20
Wear some good dusting socks-

Merona® Womens Preppy 3 Pc Casual Socks - Assorted Styles/Colors
Merona Women’s Preppy 3 Pc. Casual Socks in Green Argyle from Target $8

And top off with this vintage handkerchief tied on your head for a retro cleaning look-

Vintage Pink Flowered Handkerchiefs
Vintage Pink Flowered Handkerchief from Memphis Nanney at Etsy $6
It isn’t exciting, but it is something we all have to do at some point!

28 Days of Spring- Mommy Style

So instead of doing work wear, this time around I’m going to do my 28 days of style focusing on mom wear.  For those ladies who are at work, use these outfits on the weekends, at night and your days off.  I’m hoping many of them will cross the board.
To start, if you’ll remember, here are the outfits basics that I’m going to bank on.  They fall under the criteria of classic pieces and also spring trends.  At least one of the following will be used on a daily basis for 28 days.
Jeans- colored skinny-

Free People Colored Skinny Cropped Jean from $61
The hot pink trend is such a fun one to participate in and who needs another pair of basic jeans?  Put some color into your life this spring!
Flared trouser-

1969 Lightweight High-Rise Trouser Jean  from the Gap $70
I love the retro feel and they’ll be so easy to dress up and dress down.
Striped dress-

Striped elbow-sleeved dress on sale at Banana Republic $70
Stripes are everywhere in the spring because of their nautical feel and they are very versatile.  This dress can be worn with so many different things!
Knit pants-
MICHAEL Michael Kors Straight Leg Ponte Knit Pants
Michael Kors Straight Leg Ponte Knit Pants from Nordstrom’s $75
Every mom needs them.  Just be weary of how often you wear these.  There is a time to look like you’ve left the house for a reason!  I like these best because they look like a trouser but feel like a yoga pant.  It’s almost like the pajama jean!  (p.s.  Please don’t buy those.)
Floral skirt-
Xhilaration® Juniors Tulip Skirt - Assorted Colors.Opens in a new window
Xhilaration Juniors Tulip Skirt from Target $15
I love how bright this print is and also the cut of the hemline which is also very “of the moment.”

Loose-Fit Chino Pants on the Waist from Mango on sale $20
Since we did a chino the last time in a khaki color, this time we’ll use an olive green tone.  Just as easy to use but just a bit less LLBean from 1981 and I drive a stationwagon.
Denim jacket-
Jeanology® Distressed Denim Jean Jacket
Jeanology Distressed Denim Jean Jacket from Newport-News on sale $24
If you don’t own one, get one.  A denim jacket is a must have.

Attention Women’s Double Breasted Trench from Kmart $60
You know how much I love a good trench and one in a fun color, double the pleasure.
Patterned blouse-
Sweet Pea Women's Contemporary Shirred Top with Tie at Waist
Sweet Pea Women’s Contemporary Shirred Top with Tie at Waist from Von Maur $74
It doesn’t have to be complicated.  But look for prints that have at least three colors.  It’ll make your wardrobe options triple.
Striped t-shirt-

Beach Stripe Elbow Sleeve Tee from Loft $30
Every girl this season needs a striped shirt, if you don’t already have one from last season. See the above dress for reasons to shop.
Chevron Dart Cardigan from the Limited on sale $37
Simple, classically cut and something you’ll use year round, a good cardigan in a neutral color has endless possibilities.
Honeycomb cable sweater
Honeycomb Cable Sweater on sale at JCrew $55
Discounted because of its weight, all of us Midwestern girls know that spring does not equal sandals and shirtsleeves for us (we wish!).  Keep warm in the chilly air but do so in the IT color this spring, mint.
Printed scarf-
Image 1 of Pieces Florissa Floral Scarf
Pieces Florissa Floral Scarf at $21
Now that you know a few of the pieces in the “staples” I’m going to use, buy a scarf in a print that incorporates many of the colors in your closet.  And throw it on everything!
Ideology Cardigan, Long Sleeve Belted Hoodie from Macy’s $58 
We just wouldn’t be moms if we didn’t have our hoodies, let’s just be honest.  But you can still be stylish in your hoodie.  Again, not for every day use!  Ration how many times a week you find yourself in one.
Penny loafers-

Women’s Penny Loafers from Old Navy $30
These are easy and bright and perfect for errand day when the snow melts.
Fun sneakers-

Tulip Canvas from Rocket Dog $45
I LOVE Rocket Dogs.  I simple wore my last pair out.  You can wear these all summer long.  You’ll have dry feet in the spring rain AND still look great biking in the summer in your shorts.
Wedge Heel-

Transpose by Bandolino at Piperlime for $70
Every mom needs a fun pair of wedges.  Not for shopping or the park, these are for the moments when you want a little more polish.
And there you have it!  Here are the items you’ll need to get through the month of March.
Tomorrow, day one!

Spring Preview

I’ve been waiting and watching and here are the spring trends that I’m actually going to participate in.

I’m really in love with a few colors, the first being seafoam.  It is everywhere lately.  And I love it.  It is one of my favorite colors and now you can actually find it on clothing this season- yea!  I’m also loving lavendar.  There is a specific shade that is really beautiful to wear.  And who doesn’t love coral!  These colors will soon be found in my closet!!
Pinned Image
(Found on Pinterest, from
A beautiful pleated skirt is on my must-have list for spring.  Pleats are a combination of ladylike and little girl.  They are perfect for Easter and springtime.  This trend makes me want to buy knee-high socks and patient leather shoes, okay almost.
Image 1 of ASOS Waisted Dress With Pleat Skirt
(Asos Waisted Dress with Pleat Skirt on sale $32)
Sparkles for day-
Take your metallics and sequins into the office with soft colors and subtle sparkle.  It’s now okay to shine all the time.

(Kohl’s Apt 9 Embellished Satin Tank $25)
High waists-
I love a high waist.  It must my nastalgic feelings for the 70s.  But I think of a combination of Ally McGraw, the Breck girl and Wonder Woman.  Put on something high waisted and I feel transformed to a time where all the pictures have a yellow ting to them and the appliances were olive green.  Sigh.
 (ModCloth’s Trade Secret Pants $85)
Here are my top picks for spring.  Will you participate in them?

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