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Spring Shoes for Mom

Spring Shoes for Mom

What a beautiful day!  Seeing the sun shine after the gloomy week last week is such a gift!

This week, I’d like to focus on mommy style for the spring.   I’m finding myself increasingly in flats, much to my displeasure.  So I’d like to find several stylish options.

As you know, I’m recently obsessed with white Converse.  So, of course, a pair was included in my list.

I also think a good pair of loafers is necessary, for soggy spring days.  The two-toned flats are for your ankle pants and when sandals aren’t quite warm enough yet.

And white flats will look great with denim shorts or a maxi skirt.

And for when it warms up, I love neutral sandals.  I gave you two options- one for a slip on, out-the-door-with-the-kids kind of day and the other, the gladiators, for when you want to be a little more stylish.


Spring Shoes for Mom by stylefromthesticks featuring ballet flat shoes

Converse trainers

Boho sandals

Spring Trends 2014- Cropped Jackets

Our final spring trend- cropped jackets.  These can really be tricky for us moms who may not want to delve into anything that contains the word “cropped.”  But I assure you, the jackets I’ve added in today’s look would be easy additions.

Clearly, I am not referring to anything in the juniors department.  Their version of cropped is going to be more drastic than anything we’d want to try.

I’ve created two work outfits and one with a hipster vibe.  The crop has to hit where you’re comfortable and that means that you don’t have to show anything you don’t want to.  The first and the last looks let your t-shirt and blouse do the heavy work and conceal your tummy.

While it is hard to tell in this layout, the middle outfit has a high-waisted skirt.  With a fitted tank or shell underneath, I would wear this jacket unzipped to let more of the skirt with such a pretty print show.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week of spring fashion.  I know it’s hard to imagine all the snow away.  One of these days…it will happen!

Spring Trends 2014- Cropped Jackets


Spring Trends 2014- Cropped Jackets by stylefromthesticks featuring a button skirt

River Island white crop jacket
$75 –

Lined jacket
$53 –

Emma Cook button skirt

Wallis black trousers

ASOS wingtip oxford
$46 –

Pull&Bear black high heel shoes
$43 –

Spring Trends 2014- Wide Leg Pants

Two more spring trends to go!

Today’s trend keeps coming and going- especially during spring and fall.  In the fall, you’ll see this trend surface in denim to create a bohemian look.  I think designers are trying to take a break from the skinny jean look and mix it up a little.  I’d love to say these would be a great “I’m feeling bloated” pants option but I feel they really aren’t made for ladies like me who have thicker thighs.  This type of pant looks best on women with thinner, longer legs.  However, if these pants are slightly boot cut (thinner on the thighs), then they are more flattering for us none skinny legged ladies.

These pants remind me of Diane Keaton in Annie Hall.  The look is menswear turns feminine and it looks great on women with very little curve. Picture just about anything Meg Ryan would wear.

Pair with these pants with something simple up top.  Keep it sleek.  You don’t want wide pants and a top with a bunch of volume.  Your shoes are very important.  You should NOT wear ballet flats with these pants.  They need height and a sturdy heel.

Here are three looks to inspire you. I’m particularly in love with the sailor pants.  What a great spring look!

Spring Trends- Wide Leg Pants


Spring Trends- Wide Leg Pants by stylefromthesticks featuring a stretch shirt

NIC ZOE stretch shirt

People Tree stretchy pants
$56 –

Navy blue shoes

Spring Trends 2014- Collarless Jackets

Jackets this spring are big, which makes sense because most of us have been hiding behind a bulky coat all winter.  One of the trends in jackets is a collarless style.

This looks is very sleek and modern.  It reminds me greatly of the Oscar gown Gwyneth Paltrow wore with the cape.  Perhaps this look is a trickle down from that night?

File:Gwyneth Paltrow 2012.jpg

Image source, Wikipedia via FlickrMaterialscientist

Spring Trends 2014- Collarless Jackets

Anywho, here are a few styles, all worn with heels.  Because I’m kind of missing my heels. Will spring ever arrive?

A collarless jacket is also a great platform for necklaces.  You can either go classic with a chunky short necklace (I’m really envisioning a chain for some reason) or with a longer jacket choose a longer necklace.

Check them out.  They will be a great wardrobe update!


Spring Trends 2014- Collarless Jackets by stylefromthesticks featuring black high waisted jeans

Forever New lined jacket
$72 –

Reiss gray wool pants
$200 –

ALDO polish shoes

Spring Trends 2014- Pink Jeans

Everyone knows pastels equate spring. But this year, you are going to see much more pink than usual.  Pink is a color that looks great on everyone and don’t save it for the little girls.

A big trend for spring will be pink jeans.  Much like the cobalt jeans and the mint jeans of previous seasons, pink will be showing up on denim near you.  Use them as you would your white jeans, as a break from the blue denim and to add another dimension to your closet.

Here are three pairs that I dressed up for you.  The first look is for anywhere you need to go and look presentable- conferences, story time at your library; the second look is mommy on the go- run errands, get groceries; and the last look is date night or girl’s night out.   I love the booties with the top.  It’s a little bit romantic and a little bit rock and roll.

Embrace the pink.  Pink is powerful!

Spring Trends 2014- Pink Jeans


Spring Trends 2014- Pink Jeans by stylefromthesticks featuring a white button shirt

Strapless top

H M white button shirt
$25 –

Stretchy jeans

Tinsel skinny fit jeans

Laced up shoes

H&M mid heel boots
$50 –

Spring Trends…Will They Arrive?

Hi all.  The end of my busy week has come.  Here’s to a less crazy week ahead!

Am I the only one who is having spring fever?  Don’t get me wrong, I love snow and being huddled up with the family or I wouldn’t live in Iowa.  I kind of like to hibernate.  Plus, I’m a very warm-blooded girl, I’m hot almost always and this leaves me immune to the cold temperatures….  Mostly.

But even I am getting a little sick of the snow each and every day.  For very pertinent reasons… because I love to see these fashion bloggers from states where it is warm prance around in their heels and flats, usually without jackets, and create beautiful looks.  I’m completely envious.

Not only was there a whirlwind of style activity during the Sundance film festival, but also when fashion week was a snowy mess.  I love how we’d see one great look from a celebrity in the snow but show me how to style three months straight of fabulous snow gear.  I challenge you.  It’s hard.

This week is dedicated to the heels and flat weather that all of us are beginning to itch for.  That blasted groundhog anyway!

Hold on to your hats ladies, the spring trends are coming!

SWL- Three Seasons of the Espadrille

This is pretty basic really, but can you name a shoe that crosses over from spring to summer to fall with ease?  If you just said a flip flop, EEERRNNNTT.  That was a sound of a buzzer.  Nope.  If you said boot, you might want to send me an email about style.  The answer is… the espadrille! Ladies, there are lots of you who wear sandals year round, so this post doesn’t ring true for you. But for those of us who live in the frozen tundra that is the Midwest, you might get a good three months out of those sandals.  And then it is back to reality.
That’s where the espadrille can be your best friend.  Many a time these shoes can also be open toed but for maximum wear-ability, finding one in a close toe is a great option.  When it is springtime and not really warm enough to bare the toes…don the espadrille.  Wear it with short-shorts in the summertime for less “exposure.”  And in the fall, pair it with ankle jeans, a tank and a cardigan for casual layers that may or may not be needed for warmth.
Also, consider purchasing in a color.  It’ll give your outfit an extra pop!
Espadrilles…They’re fun, comfortable and as Lloyd points out, great for when you need a pedicure!

SWL- Three Seasons of the Espadrille

SWL- Three Seasons of the Espadrille by stylefromthesticks featuring bcbgeneration shoes

Influence summer dress
$38 –

Open back tank top

Dorothy perkin

Motel short sleeve shirt
$23 –

Dorothy perkin

Crossbody bag

Pieces imitation purse
$64 –

Tear drop earrings

H M chain necklace
$9.10 –

Jewel belt

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