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Rey Swimwear

So I’m writing quite a bit lately for other venues and that leaves my poor little blog neglected. I’m hoping I can figure out how to pick up some of my other writing and let those of you that don’t follow me on Facebook a chance to read what I’m writing elsewhere.

Meanwhile it is almost swimsuit season and while I’m super excited for warmer weather and summer… I am not excited to try on swimsuits.  Never fear!  There are options for those of us that don’t want to bare it all!

One of my favorite swimsuit brands is called Rey Swimwear.  They make an effort to produce modest swimsuits for those of us that don’t really need a string bikini anymore (did anyone ever?).

I have the Holly (ironic) and I wore it actually most of the year that I was pregnant and wasn’t really needing a maternity swimsuit.  It worked out wonderfully!

Here are some of my favorites from their collection this summer:

This is probably my favorite this year.  I just love how easy it looks.  Doesn’t it look comfy?  It reminds me of a suit Ashley Judd wore in the movie Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s a picture-

ann in pinwheel

This is the Ann in Pinwheel and it costs $108 with these bottoms.  And this one is fully lined.  You can also buy a cute little skirt for it separately.

This is another one of my favorites.  I love the trim and buttons.  You know how I love pieces with some personality!  Details matter!

caroline in creamsicle


Caroline in Creamsicle $108

gabrielle in berry


Gabrielle in Berry $108

I am so in love with the blouson top of this suit.  It is forgiving and playful.  It looks like a suit that you could actually run around and chase your children in at the pool or the lake or beach.

I know these suits cost more than your department store but I love that you can support a company that cares about women and their need to not feel naked at the pool!  Win, win!

I should mention that many of these suits can be purchased in different colors and patterns.  And they also sell adorable little girl swimsuits.  Check them out!  Hopefully it’ll make buying your suit for the summer a little less painful!

*This post contains affiliate links.



Swim Season- Maternity

Swim Season- Maternity

I hate to almost say this, but these are the best of the worst maternity swimsuits.  In my search for maternity suits, I came up highly disappointed with the results.  I can understand.  Most ladies either try to get by through the few months of swim season in their regular suit, or find one secondhand.  It’s not like a maternity swimsuit gets worn out from overuse.

But in this day and age, of all things fashionable, and star studded designer maternity wear, I would think there would be more options.  This is what I’ve found.  Seriously thinking about starting my own line…

Suit number one, Asos really has the best grouping of maternity swimsuits, second only to Target.  Surprise!  At least they are both affordable lines.  I like this one because of its fun colors.  What seems to be lacking out in maternity swimland is detailing.  Sure, no one wants to focus on their big belly, but does that mean we have to slip into a world of drab?  I also like the stripes.  I mean, if you’re ever going to wear gigantic horizontal stripes, might as well be when your belly is big for a reason?!

I love this second suit because it’s my favorite color.  I also appreciate its cute little skirting on the bottom.  Is this the best time to be flaunting your behind?  If it is, good for you!

This third suit is my favorite and one that I purchased.  It’s from Target and I got a size larger than normal so I could wear it more like a swim dress than a tankini.  I’m like a moth to the flame with this color…

I also really like this fourth one, from Target as well.  It has such cute details on the cups and I like the bold black-on-white floral print.

And lastly from Asos again, the print on this suit draws your eye away from the belly and up to the tie on the top.  I think this is a really adorable color combination.

One other thing to mention, and this goes for both maternity and regular swimwear, it is going fast!  So if you want a suit like the ones pictured, get out and purchase!  Don’t wait!

I hope you enjoy the swim season as much as I will!



Swim Season- Maternity by stylefromthesticks featuring a halter one piece swimsuit

Swim Season- Best for Your Body

Swim Season- Best for Your Body

I know it’s hard to believe, but there is a swimsuit out there for everyone.  Yes, even your body.  We all have our own body issues and you just have to get past that.  You should never sit out of the pool or the beach because you are afraid of what you look like in a swimsuit.  Life is too short ladies!

Here are some suits for some common body issues.  Because we can’t all be built like supermodels.   God made us all unique and your body is something to be celebrated, no matter how you feel about your jiggly thighs.  So stop stressing.  Do your best to find a suit that flatters and hit the water!

First up, for those of you on the petite side- I like this suit because sometimes it can be tricky finding a tankini that hits in just the right spot.  Here you have the illusion of a tankini in a one piece.  The ruffle below the hip and the detail at the bust separate the waist, creating a longer torso.

The next suit is a stunner.  I love the cut outs at the waist.  But be wary, this suit is for those of you with an hourglass figure.  A fuller bust and a small waist will enhance this suit’s appeal.  Steer clear of this one if you have a tummy.

If your hips are your concern, try this suit.  The monotone color and skirted suit will help create length and narrowness.

For the full figured, this suit will be a weapon.  Not only will it give you bust support but the A-line skirting will flatter your hips and add some sass.

For the small chested, this suit with its defined cups and detailing at the bustline will create more curves up top.  And you can get away with no straps.  I love the pattern on this suit too!

And lastly for those with a big bust, this all over ruching will help camouflage a chest.  The supportive straps are important as well as the height of the cups.  You need to look a suit that hits higher on the chest.  It’ll mean less exposure and more support.

One last tip, if you find a suit that you love (and if that happens, celebrate!) but feel like it’s too boring, don’t forget the art of embellishments.  Wear a fun hat, add a pretty brooch to the bustline (yes! you can!) or get out the needle and thread.  There are all kinds of fabric flowers, beads and trimmings that can make something basic into something stylish!

Time for the water!



Swim Season- Best for Your Body by stylefromthesticks featuring underwire swimsuits

Swim skirt

Swimsuit swimwear

One piece swimwear

River Island clothing
$47 –

Swim Season- Athletic

Swim Season- Athletic

I recently started a summer workout program at my local pool.  And I am really loving it.

I am not a big swimmer.  A fish, I am not!  If I were thrown overboard, I’d probably drown.  But being in the water is so much fun because it is something out of the ordinary.  I like being weightless and having the resistance of only the water.  The water also awakens all the senses.  You can’t be asleep in a workout in the water!

I highly recommend a water workout if you’re burnt out on regular exercise programs.  After all, staying motivated is half the battle.

What to bring to a water workout?  First, a swimsuit.  You can wear your bikini but I wouldn’t feel most comfortable in one.  The three suits I chose go from your traditional workout suit (with a fun color and some cute piping), to one with a little more coverage for your arms and behind, to one that has total coverage.   Just try to find a suit that you don’t have to tug on every five minutes or worry about losing part of in the water.  J

And of course, you’ll need a towel and your flip flops.

Things to consider:  a watch to count laps.  It’s hard to know how hard you are working in the water.  And I’d really like to find a good waterproof heart rate monitor but I haven’t done enough research yet.  I really hate getting water in my ears, so ear plugs or this ear band would be handy.  And lastly, if you don’t want to wash your hair every day (or are worried about the chlorine and what it’s doing to your hair), a swimming cap may be a necessary object.

Test out your inner fish, give the swim workout a try!


Swim Season- Athletic by stylefromthesticks featuring Lacoste

NEXT swim suit

Havaianas navy shoes

Swimming cap

Lacoste beach towel

Swim Season- Skirted

Swim Season- Skirted

Well now that we have that over with, let’s focus on suits for those of us built more like JLo than Sarah Jessica Parker.  Some of us just have a booty.

And if you’re comfortable, flaunt it.  But this girl needs to cover it.  And here are a few skirted suits that I would feel comfortable wearing.

The first suit is perfect for those girls who have an hourglass figure.  Filling out the bust, nipping in at the waist and ruching around the hips- very flattering for the curvy!

The second suit is my favorite.  I like how it has some personality to it, feels sporty but also spunky.  And it looks like an outfit.  J

The third suit is just cotton candy cute.  I love its color but beyond that, the bottom of the skirt is adorable.

On the bottom left, this suit is for those of you that want to be a little mysterious and yet don’t want to bare it all.  I love eyelet and this suit just has some serious sass.

The middle bottom suit is great for pear shaped girls.  All the focus is on the tiny top and the A-line of the skirt on the bottom forgives what lies beneath.

The last suit has that sneaky strategically placed black stripe.  It draws the eye in and also draws attention to your face.

What everyone should be looking at when you’re wearing a swimsuit, right?


Swim Season- Skirted by stylefromthesticks featuring a 1 piece swimsuit

Robin Piccone black swimsuit

Swim Season- Prints

Swim Season- Prints

I’m still hung up on suits this week.  Why is it now that the pool is officially open the weather is cool?  Couldn’t we have had this last week?

Here are suits for the other end of the spectrum, ladies who like pattern.  You want to let the suit do the talking.  Trust me, there are plenty of terrible patterns out there in swimsuit land.  Don’t be sucked in by the ordinary!   Here are some suits beyond the typical tropical pattern-

We’ll start off small with suit number one.  It has an amazing color combination and the seaming gives it some pattern.  I love how that blue pops out at you.

The second suit has strategically placed panels of red.  And again, another unexpected color combination, red and purple.

The third suit has a sand dollar print in a cobalt blue color.  I like how the suit has the small printed band, mixing small and larger prints in the same suit, same pattern.

On the bottom left, this suit is not for the faint of heart.  This attention drawing suit features an oversized retro pattern with a great color combination.  It also has a cute little notch cut out at the bust line.

Probably my favorite, the middle bottom suit has just about everything a swimsuit lover desires.  This is resort wear.  It has pattern, color, shine and at least the illusion of texture.  Take a close up view of this one and you’ll see what I love.

Lastly, this suit is for those of you who love the color blocking.  And perhaps don’t want a ton of pattern.  The two-toned suit gives this suit enough fun to keep it from falling into the boring category.

Are you a solid or a patterned suit girl?  Don’t worry, you don’t have to choose.  You can be both!


Swim Season- Prints by stylefromthesticks featuring swim suits

Trina Turk LA shelf bra

La Blanca one piece swimsuit

Seeker swim suit
$47 –

Swim Season- Black & White

Swim Season- Black & White

Are you just a simple gal that enjoys a basic suit?  Then these black and white suits may be just what you need.

I chose only one pieces to showcase as beyond the retro bikini, I’m out.  And these suits are really very basic, the only have a few little embellishments to jazz them up and make them special.

The first one is the look I’m starting to really love this season.  It looks like separates because of its two-toned nature but it is all one suit.  I also love that the white will draw attention away from your lower half and focus on the top, which has those little frills of black on the cups.

The second suit is for those of you who HAVE to have a black suit.  This one has just enough flounce at the bottom with the white piping to keep it from being boring.

And the last suit is the most intricate.  It has strong graphic black and white details.  I love how the strategically placed black sides will whittle away your waist.

All of these suits are under $100.  So forget all of those sad little halters at Wal-Mart.  Find a simple suit that makes a statement!


Swim Season- Black & White by stylefromthesticks featuring a swim wear

Topshop halter top

Gottex swim wear

River Island swimsuit swimwear
$50 –

Swim Season- Retro Bikini

Swim Season- Retro Bikini

I’m so glad that the retro, high-waisted bikini has caught on.  For a few years ago, they were hard to find.  Now they are everywhere and that makes me happy!

These good old fashioned suits offer so much more coverage than the 90s string bikinis.  Thank goodness for us moms that have don’t have perfect tummies and are sporting a few stretchmarks we’d like to hide!

And yet, they still show a little skin, in a fun and none mortifying kind of way.  You’ll be channeling your inner Marilyn.

Here are three options, TOTALLY affordable too.  It’s amazing.

1)       I’ve never ordered a swimsuit off of Amazon so the price has me a little concerned about the quality.  But for those of you who aren’t afraid, it could be a rare find!  I really like how this one has a little flounce on the bottom,

2)      The second one is in a fun color and I also adore the cuffs on the cups.  It’ll add a little something to those of you who are looking for a little embellishment up top.

3)      I am totally digging the last one in two different colors/patterns.  I know it isn’t your traditional suit, but it just looks like more fun somehow.  Not sure I’d do this with any other type of bikini, but for the retro look, it works.  This suit is also an itsy suit, which I think is amazing.

Those are three fun options for poolside style!  You’re gonna love this look!


Swim Season- Retro Bikini by stylefromthesticks featuring a bathing suits two piece

Swimsuit Season

Do those two words make your heart beat a little faster?  It makes me want to crawl in a hole.  Every woman’s nightmare, right?

This year, my search is even more difficult with a growing belly.  Let me tell you, if I was smart, I would be creating a line of maternity swimwear.  Do we lose all sense of style just because we are having a baby?  Seriously.  I’ve searched the internet far and wide and still coming up with just about ZERO for style.  That’s a disappointment in this day and age.

I have also come to the realization that most women must be incredibly proud of their behinds. Most other women must think this is their best feature, by far, and want to bare it to the world.

I am not, however, one of those women.

Finding a suit that fits and flatters is like finding the lost city of Atlantis.  It doesn’t exist. Yet we spend tons of money every year, hopeful that we will discover this treasure.

The rest of the week, we’ll focus on some potential options.  Some that show promise…

And for a funny, I thought you might enjoy this little clip from The Middle-

Can you relate?  🙂