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Thanksgiving Travel Day- I’ll Bring the Wine

Thanksgiving Travel Day

Thanksgiving Travel Day

It’s been awhile since I’ve done some actual fashion on the blog, so I’m taking the opportunity this week as many of you are packing for Thanksgiving trips or thinking about what to wear for family gatherings.

As I watch it snow here, I think leggings are perfectly appropriate to wear when you’re traveling, especially in inclement weather.  So long as you take care to wear them with a cute sweater and booties and not a hoodie and some ratty old Uggs.

A wrap coat is very trend this winter and it looks so sophisticated.  No reason not to travel in style.  You will also be seeing these flannel scarves that are really more like small blankets everywhere.  I confess I have one already and wear it regularly.

Don’t forget to bring the wine.  😉

Thanksgiving Travel Day- I’ll Bring the Wine by stylefromthesticks featuring a picnic wine tote

Jane Norman long cowl neck sweater
$55 –

Vero Moda wide pants
$31 –

Suede ankle bootie

MANGO vegan jewelry
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Blanket scarf

Destination Inspiration- Field Trip

Destination Inspiration- Field Trip

This may seem redundant to the farm post from Monday, but in case you don’t have access to the farm, taking a “field” trip is an excellent excursion.

Take a little trip exploring and seek out nature.  Put on your rain boots to avoid all types of unpleasantries- ticks, snakes, chiggers, manure, mud, whatever may be out there.  But don’t forget to bring your camera to snap some shots of the beautiful, secret places you’ll see.

Whatever you get a chance to do this weekend, I hope that you have a great time.  I am taking the weekend off to enjoy my family and our destinations!  I’ll see you again next week.  Happy Memorial Day weekend!


Destination Inspiration- Field Trip by stylefromthesticks featuring iphone cases

Hunter white boots

Ted Baker iphone case
$49 –

Destination Inspiration- The Lake

Destination Inspiration- The Lake

Part of my life I spent living close to a lake.  And after many years of being away from the lake, one visit to the water reminds me of so much.

A lake provides such an added level of richness to a kid’s life.  It is an education of water safety and primal learning.  Days spent exploring on the beach, stick in hand, sitting around beach campfires, collecting shells and telling stories…that’s a great day for a kid.  That’s not taking into account all of the swimming and canoeing and if you’re one of the lucky ones, time on jet skis, pontoons and speed boats, skiing and tubing until you are burnt to a crisp.

Style for the lake doesn’t have to be fussy.  Pack a pair of flip flops and throw your hair into a ponytail.  Most likely it won’t look this beautiful but no one will care.  90% of the time, it’ll be a wet mess anyway.

The smells of the sun and the water, the sound of the waves lapping on the shore, these are things that will live in your child’s memories forever.


Destination Inspiration- The Lake by stylefromthesticks featuring red strap shoes

Old Navy red strap shoes


Destination Inspiration- Garden of Eden

Destination Inspiration- Garden of Eden

Okay, so maybe it’s just your backyard and it really isn’t as perfect as we imagine the Garden of Eden.  But wherever your garden, make it an equal oasis- a place of bliss and relaxation.

I love this little retreat.  Notice how your eye looks beyond the stairs to the focal point, the gazebo.  It makes this backyard seem larger than perhaps it is.  That frame of plants around the steps creates intrigue and drama.  And the privacy.  Ahhh.

What to pack, a big floppy hat.  I love floppy hats.  Not only do they help protect your face from the sun but they are so fun to wear!

Don’t forget a pretty pink nail polish.  This one by Essie is called, Tea and Crumpets.  Perfect.

Pour me a glass of that lemonade and it’s time for a garden party!


Destination Inspiration- Garden of Eden by stylefromthesticks featuring a floppy hat

Floppy hat

Essie nail polish
$18 –

Destination Inspiration- The Farm

Destination Inspiration- The Farm

This week, I’m inspired by the kickstart of summer travel.  Oh the places we’ll go!

Today’s destination inspiration, the farm.  Possibly you live on one, so this isn’t a destination for you.  (Unless home is the destination.)  Chances are, especially if you live in Iowa but not on the farm, you may be one generation removed from it.  Sometimes it’s just good to go out and get back to your roots.  Or perhaps you just want to explore some beautiful old barns.

Throw on a pair of pretty boots (these are not chore boots) and wear your hair in a messy braid. Take a walk down a gravel road.  Stop and pick some wildflowers.  Listen to the birds and the quiet.

Take the time to enjoy the country.


Destination Inspiration- The Farm by stylefromthesticks featuring leather boots

Leather boots