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Holiday Looks- Tulle Skirt

Holiday Looks- Tulle Skirt

Here is my Christmas Eve headed to church look. I say this often, but I will say it again, if you have nice clothes in your closet waiting to be worn…what are you waiting for Christmas? 

Break out your finery for the holiday. Your closet shouldn’t be the only one that gets to see them.

Merry Christmas!

Holiday Looks- Tulle Skirt by stylefromthesticks featuring black d orsay pumps

Pure Collection wool cashmere sweater
$85 –

WithChic fur collar coat
$67 –

Topshop high waisted tutu
$48 –

Imagine by Vince Camuto black d orsay pumps

Marc Jacobs pin jewelry
$26 –

Felony Case tech accessory

Chloe isabel

Boohoo braided waist belt

Holiday Looks- Sherpa Vest

Holiday Looks- Sherpa Vest

This is a look I wore both caroling and traveling. I love these sherpa vests. They add so much pow to otherwise plain jane outfits.

Who says you can wear too many buffalo prints? If you need to be warmer, layer the look with a jacket underneath the vest.

Tomorrow are my Christmas Eve look ideas and on Christmas Day, I will give you our holiday house tour. 

Hope you stop by!

Holiday Looks- Sherpa Vest by stylefromthesticks featuring black bootie boots

Tartan flannel shirt

Coco Main red buffalo plaid vest

H m jacket

Apt. 9 5 pocket jeans

Dorothy Perkins black bootie boots

Steven by steve madden handbag

Metal chain necklace

Rolled brim hat

Sorel Joan Of Arctic Knit II Boot

Holiday Looks- Velvet Pants

Holiday Looks- Velvet Pants

Here is a look that I have worn from church to a work Christmas party and also may be a great option for New Year’s Eve. 

This time of year, I love velvet and these cute little ankle pants from Old Navy won’t break the budget, but pack lots of style.

Pair them with something equal to the richess of the velvet- a satin top or a sequin blouse. Add a statement necklace that brings in color and some sparkly heels.

Ready for whatever!

Holiday Looks- Velvet Pants by stylefromthesticks featuring high heel shoes

French Connection white blouse
$46 –

WearAll womens plus top

Old Navy skinny pants

Shirò high heel shoes

Nine West high heel shoes

Statement necklace

Kate Spade flower necklace

Holiday Looks- Knit Dress

Holiday Looks- Knit Dress

I wore a similar look to this knit dress during the day recently and turned it into a night look as well for our children’s Christmas program at church.

This knit is fine and lightweight. And it’s subzero temperatures. Which explains the leggings….

For day, a very trendy thing to do is pair your dress with… sneakers! It sure made running errands much easier! 

For both day and night, it needs a little something to look at around the neck. A blanket scarf is perfect for day and a statement necklace is sassy for night.

Brave the cold, wear the dress!

Holiday Looks- Knit Dress by stylefromthesticks featuring crystal jewelry

Slimming dress

Red leg warmer

Catherine Catherine Malandrino square toe boots

Adidas lace up shoes

John Lewis statement necklace
$30 –

Tasha crystal jewelry

Katydid Collection gray scarve

Athleticwear- Rainy Day

We’ve been getting a bunch of this lately and there might be more in the forecast.  Here’s what to wear to stay dry, not be miserable and also not look like a drowned rat!  Well, as best as you can anyway…
Athleticwear- Rainy Day


Athleticwear- Rainy Day by stylefromthesticks featuring vintage style home decor

BDG coat

Under Armour track pants

NIKE sun visor
$21 –

Athleticwear- Chilly Day

Athleticwear- Chilly Day

Athleticwear- Chilly Day by stylefromthesticks featuring Franklin

We all find ourselves chilled to the bone on a sideline sporting event at some point in our lives. Here is an outfit idea to keep the chill on the outside!

NIKE blue hoody

Ribbed shirt
$2.58 –

Adidas athletic sportswear
$65 –

Skechers black high top shoes

The north face beanie

Franklin home decor

Athleticwear-Hot Day

I’m not going to lie, every time I leave the house in exercise clothes, I feel like I’m leaving in my pajamas. I just feel like I’m half dressed!

This fall, I am helping coach my daughter’s soccer team and I am dressed far more often in athletic clothes than I normally am and I find myself out of my comfort zone. I know that for most of you, this IS your comfort zone!

It has me reevaluating what I have in my closet to coach in.

Here is one outfit that I’ve put together for coaching gear:

Athleticwear-Hot Day


Athleticwear-Hot Day by stylefromthesticks featuring a purple jersey

Adidas white hat

Tooting My Horn

I’m not one to normally toot my own horn, but today I’ve hit a milestone.

I am officially in the 1K club, that is 1,000 followers on Pinterest. No, I don’t have a huge following on Facebook and my Instagram followers are growing, but I do get some love from Pinterest. 

Maybe that’s a subtle way to say I spend way too much time there?

Yea me!

Happy Birthday

To me! 

I hope you are enjoying your 4th of July weekend! July is one of my favorite months of the year. I refuse to be in the camp of people who think the summer is over after the 4th. For me, July is just the beginning of summer! Baseball and swim lessons are over and that means July is the month of vacations, camps and relaxing! 

Thank you for your patience as I spend time with my kids and try to keep my head above water with work. (You know, the writing that pays.)

I promise to keep this going but for the summer, it’ll be sporadic at best.  You can still find me on the Real Moms of Eastern Iowa blog ( every week.

And for those of you that are curious, housework continues on our fixer upper. I will be posting updates soon.

Meanwhile,  enjoy your summer. Stay stylish! 

The Third Piece

“Picture it,” I say in my best Sophia of the Golden Girls voice, “it’s 1994 again and you’re shopping at the Buckle.  You’ve saved up from that awful waitressing job to buy another pair of Lucky brand jeans and a flannel to wear with your Doc Martins.”

Or maybe it was yesterday.

Nothing against anyone who shops at the Buckle, they do have cute clothes.  It will just forever be tainted in my mind as the store of my youth (and I was a youth in 1994!).  I can’t bring myself to shop there.

But today’s post isn’t about the Buckle or brand name jeans, it’s about something that I remember everyone saying over and over again at the Buckle at the time.  “Layers, layers, layers.”

So what was “layers” in 1994 is now what I’ve heard referred to as “the third piece.”  Have you heard about this?  I can’t remember where I first read about it but here’s the gist- to make an outfit visually interesting it needs a third piece.  So it has to be beyond just a top and pants or skirt.  Think about that for a  minute.  Look over the pins in your Pinterest board for fashion.  What makes them special?  Generally, it’s the third piece.

Now, in the wintertime, the third piece is pretty easy.  And no, I’m not counting your coat, although it does add some dimension.  Most of the day you’re not in your coat.  During winter we bundle up in scarves, furry vests and cardigans.

But in the summer the third piece has to be a little more creative.  Some ideas for a third piece in the summer are a lightweight vest, a statement jewelry piece, a lightweight long sleeve button up, a statement belt and if it’s not too warm, a blazer.

I hope this is just a little incentive to make your every day outfits say more about who you are than just a plain old shirt and pants.  While it might not be the “layers” of yesterday, the third piece still adds a bit of something extra to make your outfit special.

I dare you to add in that third piece!

Here are some great “third piece” ideas from one of my favorite midwest fashion bloggers I turn to for inspiration! (She’s so adorable.)

Black and white prints for work chic!:

Black and white prints for work chic!

This is a great work outfit look featuring a cute little cropped blazer from Chic Street Style.  Note the bag and sunglasses are part of this look.

For more information on this look, you can visit her blog at:

Here’s one of my favorite fall looks-

Cute rainy day style:

Cute rainy day style

I’m pretty sure I own a version of that scarf.  That’s really the third piece here but don’t forget that bag with fabulous boots!

Here’s the link to that look-

And lastly, here’s that allusive summer look that she does so well-

Casual summer attire - love those crochet shorts!

Casual summer attire

That thin little top is a great third piece and covering her arms makes her legs the attention getter!  So cute and just a little bit gypsy for those who are, like me, obsessed with that look.

Again, here is the link to read more about that outfit-

Thank you so much Brenna for letting me feature you!


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