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Why Valentine’s Day is a Holiday Not for the Faint of Heart Mom


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Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a holiday.  But when you have school aged kids, especially preschoolers, look out.  It’s enough to put this mom over the edge.

It’s kind of like the feeling I have when we make Christmas cut out cookies.  The flour, the sprinkles, the licking of fingers and spreading of the frosting.  It’s chaos.  It’s messy.  It makes you want to freak out.  And then it’s over with and you think, that wasn’t so bad?  I’m sure it’ll be fun again next year…

Here’s how Valentine’s Day preparations go in my house:

Mom:  Who wants to do valentines?

Child One:  Groan.  (He has grown wise.)

Child Two & Three:  Yea! (Ah to be young and innocent again.)

Mom:  Okay, let me see your teacher’s instructions.  Is the cereal box supposed to be decorated or not?  When is the cereal box supposed to be delivered?  Tomorrow?  Next week?  (Muttering to self- each class has a different party schedule, different delivery day and different instructions.  Awesome.)

Child Three:  I don’t have a cereal box!

Mom:  Consider yourself lucky.

Mom:  Let’s see if we can find any leftover valentines from last year.  Anyone want to use up these from last year?  No?  

Child Two decides it’s okay.

Insert trip to store.

Child Three picks out new valentines in 3 seconds.  Child One debates and picks the least worst choice.  Child Two needs a few more and wants to go to another store to look.  Mom says no.  Child Two picks the same as Child One after 20 minutes of deliberation.

Next they choose the candy for the valentines.  Child Two picks out snack sized candy bars in 3 seconds.  Child Three doesn’t even know half of what the candy options are.  Mom encourages her to go for the Ring Pops.  She loves Ring Pops; doesn’t she want to bring Ring Pops?  Mom knows that after they exit the store Child Three will inevitably want Ring Pops no matter what she chooses now.  Child One deliberates for 20 minutes and finally chooses Fun Dip. Mom runs through her head how much the other moms are going to appreciate their child coming home with the messy powdery Fun Dip.  

Home for assembly.

Mom:  Holy cow.   This is crazy.  (Does Child Two know how to run the tape dispenser?)  Do you need help using the tape?

Child Two breaks the tape dispenser.

Mom: (How does one break a tape dispenser?!!)

Child One: (In best whiney voice) I don’t know where the construction paper is to cover my cereal box!  How come Child Two’s teacher gave him some?

Child Two:  I’m writing my own class list.

Mom:  (Let’s hope there isn’t a classmate left off of it.)

Child Two’s interest is starting to fade.

Child Three is writing her name on 17 valentines.  She is in preschool and it takes her five minutes a card.

Mom: (We could be here when it’s dark.)

Child Two is still taping.  

Mom: (How much tape does one cereal box need?)

Mom: Oh no, one box of valentines turns into a mask and comes with a string for it.  Be sure to include a string for each kid.

Child Two has last year’s valentines that aren’t enough for each kid.  Child Two borrows valentines from another box.

Mom: Please don’t open the last new box of valentines if we don’t have to.

Child Three can’t tear her valentines on the perforated line.  Requests scissors.  

Mom:  (Preschooler and scissors.  Here we go.)

Child Three is still writing her name and randomly applying the small heart stickers that come with the valentines.  She may the only one who is still excited.

Child Two is still using tape.

Mom: Here’s a plastic bag for each of you.  Please keep your valentines separate from your brother or sister’s.  Child Two please put yours in your backpack to be delivered tomorrow.  

She marks on calendar when the others are supposed to be delivered to school.  Gets two of the dates wrong.

Thank goodness for snow days or we’d never be ready for Valentine’s Day.  I applaud you moms that a) make your own homemade valentines and b) make your own treats for said valentines.  I can barely make it through the boughten ones.  This is not a holiday for the faint of heart mom.

Gala 15

Another year, another fabulous Get-all-dressed-up-and-have-a-date-with-the-Mr Gala!  This year I was live tweeting from the Gala, which I lovingly refer to as adult prom.  It’s a fundraiser for our hospital foundation and I had a great time as always getting ready for the event.  There’s the hair, the makeup, the mani/pedi, the dress, the accessories.. so much like a high school prom.  All that’s different is now I have a standing date.

This year’s event was gatsby.  That makes two gatsby themes for me lately!  It’s such a fun theme.  My dress isn’t very gatsby but I had fun wearing it anyway.

Here’s a few pictures from my night out-

Manicure Check

Manicure Check

Makeup Check Check

Makeup Check Check

Dress Check

Dress Check

Accessories Check Check

Accessories Check Check

$4 earrings?  Yup!

And lastly….

Date Check Check Check Check Check...

Date Check Check Check Check Check…

If you want to read more about the event, you can read my recap at



Cold Weather Ideas 6

The last of the cold weather installments just in time for a snow storm!

Today’s looks features my plaid cape which I love but I don’t wear very often because in the midwest it has to be the perfect situation outside.  Unfortunately I don’t have any long gloves that’ll make the look easier to wear when it’s REALLY cold out.

So this look is best when it isn’t frigid out.  I wear it mostly in the fall.  But it is wool and with a sweater underneath it keeps me pretty warm.

Cold Weather 6

Cold Weather 6

And I love this floppy hat. I tried to tip it back on my head so you could see my face but it doesn’t normally look quite this floppy.  🙂



And there you have it!  (Almost) all my winter coats!

Sweater- Ann Taylor

Hat & Jeans- Gap

Scarf- Burlington Coat Factory

Cape- Target

Earrings- ?

Booties- Younkers


I’m Back….

Hi there!  It’s been a nice break for me.  I’ve been busy cuddling with baby and trying to find my house again after the holidays.  But I’m feeling pretty good about managing four littles. Thank heaven they don’t start off crawling!  This summer, however, could be challenging for me!

Meanwhile I’m getting back into the blog again.  This year I’m going to do my best to post several times a week but I won’t be here every day.  I hope you’ll still come read my words of ramble and what I’m up to each week.

I’m really missing all of you too!  And I want to know what you enjoy reading most on this blog.  Do you like hearing about what the latest thing I painted white was?  Are you a busy mom that needs a spit-up friendly outfit quick in the morning?  Are you a fashionista who secretly was hoping I’d be live tweeting about the Golden Globes dresses last night?  (Don’t worry, I was watching. After Downton Abbey, of course.)  Or maybe you just like to hear me spout off about parenting and having four children?

Let me know!  I’d love to share those parts of my life that you’re more curious about!



Christmas Tour, The Tree

I hope you had a good time on my Christmas tour.  Here is my last picture, of the tree, of course!

Red & White Tree

Red & White Tree

Better Shot of the Top

Better Shot of the Top


Close Up of Ornaments

Close Up of Ornaments

We Have A New Baby

So excited to let everyone know that a happy and healthy new baby boy was born to the Jirovsky family on December 9th at 12:19 a.m. He was 9 lbs. 13 oz! And 22.75 inches long!
Mom and baby are doing well. And she will be finishing her Christmas tour posts soon as she spends time with baby.

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