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Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #17

Sorry to miss you all day!  A belated happy father’s day to all the dad’s out there.  Such an important job they have and the ones who do it well, the light they cast can be seen for generations.  Pretty amazing!
This outfit was ballerina inspired and while I didn’t wear any jewelry, I did spend a bunch of time creating a really nice bun…and then I forgot to take a picture of it!  Alas.  What’s a girl to do.  No really, it was nice.  And very Pinteresty even though I created it.
Thank you to all the dads in my life- the Mr. and my own dad!

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #17

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #17 by stylefromthesticks featuring a wedge espadrille

Vero moda
$38 –

Mango bermuda shorts
$36 –

Q&A- What Happens In Vegas

I received the following question-
Need some advice…
I am going to Vegas in a month. We are doing a short 3 day trip. I know I will be packing 1-2 swimsuits and a cover up for the days, but my big question is about my shoes. We are only taking 1 suitcase so I can’t pack every pair I own. We have no specific plans so I don’t know if we will be walking the strip at night, going to a show, staying around our hotel, etc. etc. I plan to wear sundresses at night and would love to pair them with a really fun heal, but I know my feet couldn’t handle miles of walking with heals. I refuse to wear dresses with tennis shoes. HAHAHA. So do you have an idea of a fun shoe that is a bit fun/sexy/not over the top/and comfortable to wear with a sundress?

Thank you for your question!

Oh, I know your pain.  I love to overpack.  If I tend to overpack one item, it would be shoes.  Shoes make such a big difference in an outfit.  Don’t think so?  Pair a sneaker with a short skirt and you look like you should be going to play tennis.  Pair that same skirt with a heel, completely different look.
When we went to France a few summers ago, this was my concern.  I mean, there are a few times when you are in PARIS that you want to dress up and look nice.  So how do you justify packing a pair of heels when you know that you’ll do a ton of walking and be only wearing them a few times.
My suggestion is a pair of low heels or wedge espadrilles.  If you want to really be able to go somewhere formal, a pair of low sandal heels will help you both get there and still look nice with a pretty dress.
Below are some examples.  The wedges are a touch more casual but still not terrible to walk in.  Remember the platform under the toes will be more comfortable and don’t forget an ankle strap!

Have a great time!

What Happens In Vegas

What Happens In Vegas by stylefromthesticks featuring kitten heels

Vero moda
$50 –

Club L chiffon dress
$35 –



TV Series- 90210- Kelly Taylor

We’re talking old school 90210.  You know, Kelly and Dylan.  Dylan and Brenda.  Kelly and Brandon.  Oh the saga of this show.
I bet if I asked you to sing me the rhythm of the opening to that show, you’d know it right away, probably even if you didn’t watch it.  If you simply existed in the 90s, you have heard it.
What would Kelly Taylor wear?  Something preppy with an attitude.  The surprising twist, I could also see this outfit on Brenda.  Maybe Kelly was stealing more than her boyfriends…?

TV Series- 90210- Kelly Taylor

TV Series- 90210- Kelly Taylor by stylefromthesticks featuring slim cut jeans

Vero moda
$11 –

Wallis black blazer

Mango slim cut jeans
$54 –

Spring Break at Home- Overnighter

Maybe grandma and grandpa live close.  Maybe you’ve been secretly longing to make a special visit to a local attraction, get a hotel and just have a short getaway for the weekend.  Whatever it is, plan on packing up the family and getting away for a few days.  It’ll give home a nice perspective, especially when you’ve been cooped up all winter.
First off, find some luggage that doesn’t make you want to die when you haul it in from the car.  When you are looking for luggage, don’t pick a solid black/brown/navy.  You’ll never know which one is yours from all the other hundreds of bags in those colors.  Find a fun color or a cool print that makes you smile and that your husband will still carry.
Next requirement- layer.  Wearing layers will help no matter the temperature in the car, outside, or wherever you are going to visit.
Lastly, flats are your friend whenever you don’t know what you might be doing.  And so is a leather jacket.  Either can be dressed up or down and will work with countless other clothes you’ve packed.
I hope you have a great week of spring break at home!


Overnighter by stylefromthesticks featuring diane von furstenberg

Vero Moda leopard t shirt
$27 –

Forever 21

H M short jacket
$45 –

Diane von furstenberg

Aqua pins jewelry

Spring Trends- Leather, Leather, Leather

You just can’t shake this trend.  And I know beyond outerwear, leather really intimidates most of you.  Can I wear this dress to work?  How do I wear leather shorts?  What can I pair a leather skirt with so it feels current?  So I gave you lots of options here.  Leather isn’t just black biker jackets anymore.  Think feminine shapes, colors and for all types of weather.  It can be casual or sophisticated.
Find something you love and invest!  This is one place to put your money.  Because it is everywhere, everywhere, everywhere.  🙂

Spring Trends- Leather, Leather, Leather

Spring Trends- Leather, Leather, Leather by stylefromthesticks featuring h&m

H m
$125 –

Vero Moda sleeveless top
$35 –

H m
$13 –

A Wear sequin top
$39 –

Morgan leather jacket
$125 –

Leather skirt
$155 –

Low cut jeans
$83 –

Thakoon addition
$245 –

Heel boots
$55 –

Dorothy Perkins high heels

Kitten heels
$68 –

What to Wear with Tall Boots

Tall boots can be tricky.  Here’s a rule- don’t wear anything that bunches at the knee and keep your pants cut skinny.  Riding boots are by far the most versatile of all boots.  They go well with loose skirts, skinny jeans, slim cords, etc.  Use them to add a masculine touch to very feminine clothes.  And don’t take them too seriously!

What to Wear with Tall Boots

What to Wear with Tall Boots by stylefromthesticks featuring sheer tops

Vero moda
$33 –

Sheer top

VILA chiffon shirt
$40 –

Denim skinny jeans
$16 –

Red necklace

Dorothy perkin