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Q&A- Black Tie Formal for Petites

I received the following question-
I have a convention to attend in California in September with an evening gala.  I was told it is black tie and I will need a dress.  Can you help?  What are the rules?
Thank you for your question!
Black tie can be a dreaded word if you are unfamiliar with the event.  With evolving dress codes (what two people consider business casual can differ greatly), these words can get really tricky. Here’s my decoding:
1)  Black tie is dressy.  It does not mean a sundress in cotton.  It means a formal.
2)  Black tie is dressier than business casual.  Guys need to wear jackets and leave the khakis for another day.  So wear something nicer than a typical jersey work dress.
3)  Black tie is not as dressy as white tie.  White tie means a gown- like you’re headed to the Oscars. Black tie usually means “cocktail” dresses.  Differ to Pretty Woman- she wears the lacy black short dress to meet for drinks.  She wears the red ballgown to the opera.  That’s the difference.
I hope that helps clear up that what black tie means.
Now, knowing that you are on the petite side, I picked a few looks that will accentuate your figure. Petites look great in shorter dresses, showing a little bit of leg will elongate your stature.
Look number one is figure flattering and the color will be an attention-getter.  Red dresses do not need red heels.  Find either a nude heel or a leopard print.  Don’t forget to leave the giant mom bag at home!  Bring a clutch.  Great places to find them are thrift stores, especially if you’ll use it once a year.
The second look is a safe bet.  Black almost always looks more expensive and is something that can be worn to many different occasions.  Simple accessories let the dress stand out but a fun pair of heels can really add a sophisticated element to the LBD.  Black heels would be pretty boring.
The last look is riskier.  A fun color like this light green is ladylike in lace.  Pair it with other ladylike accessories such as pearls.  I paired it with a mint heel in the same color family.  This dress would also look great with silver metallic heels.
I hope this helps!  And you have a great time!

Black Tie Formal for Petites

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Old Hollywood

Who wouldn’t want to wear this dress?  Oh, it is just so beautiful!  It is a cross between Grace Kelly and Rita Hayward- ladylike and bombshell.  This dress transports you to the high life of Hollywood back in the 50s era.
With a form fitting silhouette, this dress will give you the glamour that you are looking for without looking like Marilyn Monroe.  This dress would look lovely coming down the aisle in a vintage chapel or retro country club.
Nothing says 50s charm like a birdcage veil and a sweet little rosette in your hair.  With this high neckline don’t even worry about a necklace.  Just choose some knockout earrings.  And give yourself some height with these platform peep toes covered in bead and lace details.
I can see this bride on the big screen!  Don’t forget to tell your photographer you want some real black and white film in that camera!

Old Hollywood

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Q&A- VIP Golf Tournament

I have to put our wedded bliss on hold for a day.  We have urgent fashion matters to address!
I received the following question-
My husband won tickets to the US Senior Open, a national golf tournament.  I’m not sure what to wear.  I’ve considered a maxi dress with a denim vest and a floppy hat.  Any ideas?  The tickets are VIP so I want to look put together.
Thank you for your question!
I had to dig deep in my resources to answer this question as I have never been to the US Open, senior or otherwise.  I called my go-to man on all things golf.  My brother.  The golf fanatic.  While maybe not a fashion pro, he could tell me what he’s seen on the greens.
And here’s my conclusion- go with something preppy.  I think your idea for the maxi dress is a good one.  But maxi dress says bohemian to me.  While it’ll be a great choice if the weather is sweltering, it might not look “high-end” enough for the VIPs.
So pretend you are in Pretty Woman at the polo match- only more laid back and sporty.  I think a short dress would be an equally good choice.  Think ivy league school.
And while a big hat may be a great idea for the sun, if you are a VIP, you may be under a tent and people could have trouble seeing around said big hat.  So perhaps just stick with the sunglasses!
Also, there could be a lot of walking involved, so wear some comfortable flats.  And if your dress has no pattern, be a little more daring with your shoes!
Have a great time!

VIP Golf Tournament
If you have a fashion question, email!

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Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #23

Had the pleasure of participating in another link party and wanted to share the wonderful site that I posted on-
Coffee Bean and Bobby Pins
She’s a sweet little thing.  Go check it out!
I wore this outfit out to eat after the whirlwind garage sale weekend.  Let me tell you how good that shower felt.  Wowza.  And to put on real clothes again!  One happy girl.
I can’t express enough how fun skirts are in the summer.  For you girls who love lounge-ware, this is your fashionable answer!

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #23
Here it is in real life-

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #23 by stylefromthesticks featuring white house black market

Sequin top


LowLuv aztec ring

White house black market

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #13

This is me dressed to do what I do best…treasure hunt.  I love sniffing out a good deal.  And so when a friend wanted to go garage saling for a citywide garage sale, you know this girl wasn’t going to pass that up.
It was bleak, rainy day and I thought this outfit would cheer things up.  That and bickering with folks on prices!  I must have a little of my grandpa in me after all…
Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #13

Here’s the real life version-

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #13 by stylefromthesticks featuring colorful belts

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #2

Back to normal life…
Here’s what I wore to kick off the library’s summer reading program with a visit from Dan Wardell from IPTV.  He is a celebrity to the children here.  Suddenly my oldest thinks he is too cool for this sort of activity.  Which makes me feel OLD.
Although it was pouring outside, we also celebrated my mother’s birthday with a special meal and a rousing game of Crazy 8, which the kids loved.
It’s days like yesterday that remind me of how another year is to be celebrated and how lucky I am to have my mother in my life.

Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #2

Here’s my version-

Happy Birthday Mom!

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Easter- Good Friday

This is the one day of the year when wearing black is the clear choice (that and when you’re attending a funeral). People have all sorts of clothing colored days, Go Red for Women, etc.  I’m declaring Good Friday to be a blackout.

Good Friday is a sober day indeed and many of you may even make an extra trip to church.  If not, rent the Passion of the Christ and remember how humbling it is to know what Jesus went through as true man and yet true God to save us from our sins.

Easter- Good Friday

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New York State of Mind

I’ve never been there but I think it would be fun to visit New York.  And while I know I’d be dressed for some site seeing, I’d also want to wear something fabulous out at night.  Today black and white just feels right.  Maybe it’s this New York state of mind?

New York State of Mind

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