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Winter Coats in Bright Colors

They do exist!  After doing some research online, I can say that I’m pretty glad that there are colored winter coats in the world.  Now, why they can’t make their way into brick and mortar stores?

Here are a few of the brightly colored coats I found.  I think I’m partial to the one in the middle but I do love the turquoises as well.

One thing is for sure, these coats will give you a shot of happiness this winter!

Winter Coats in Bright Colors


Winter Coats in Bright Colors by stylefromthesticks featuring faux coats

Marc new york coat

Lands End faux coat

Lands End faux coat

Uniqlo coat

Uniqlo coat

A Coat of Many Colors

Have you seen the movie Elf?  You know, the one with Will Farrell in it? If you have, think back to the scene where there is a crowd of people in Central Park all bundled up?  Here’s a clip-

What do you notice about this picture?  Almost everyone is wearing a black winter coat.  Do you have a black winter coat?  Chances are you do.  And then we wonder why we are depressed in the wintertime and have to take vitamin D.  It isn’t lack of sunshine, it’s the fact that we are all dressed to go to a funeral.

I was out just today shopping for a new winter coat.  It is a great time of year to do so.  The prices will only continue to fall until the selection runs out.  But I don’t want a black coat.  I don’t really want a neutral coat either.  And I’m not so excited about red.  Where are all the colors?

I had some serious trouble trying to locate any coats of color at local stores. So I’m going to do a little hunting and see if I can’t find some great colored coats! Hope to be back tomorrow with the results!

Baby It’s Cold Outside

And if you’re like me, you are wanting a new coat.  Should have bought one last year after winter!
Here are my favorites this season:

Cinch-waist Puffer Jacket from Victoria’s Secret $148
I love that it is a puffer jacket with a) shape, b) a fun color and c) is glam enough for evening

A-Line Winter Coat $43 from Forever 21
I love the color on this basic style.  Break free from the brown and blacks with… mustard!  And how can you beat the price!?
Buffalo Jeans Coat, Kylie Long Sleeve Fair Isle Faux Fur Anorak
Buffalo Jeans Coat, Kylie Long Sleeve Fair Isle Faux Fur Anorak from Macy’s $150
I love the print of this coat. It is fun and in pleasant colors. Definitely something I would wear.
Cascade Faux Sherling from Alloy approximately $90
This looks so soft and not heavy like real sherling can be.  And makes me think of those old Stetson commercials with the cowboy and his lady riding off on their horse.

(Click to watch)
Image 1 of ASOS Stripe Faux Fur Coat
ASOS Stripe Faux Fur Coat on sale for $130
When you’re going out, sometimes you just need to dress up the outwear.  This coat is so stylish and cozy.  Love it!
One trend I’m seeing a lot of this season is maxi coats.  Not sure I’ll be working this into my closet or not.  But here is great one from Kate Middleton (photo courtesy of Instyle)-
Catherine Middleton in L.K. Bennett
Whatever you choose, be adventurous!  Break out of the norm and find a truly special coat that you love.  I really can’t stay.. oh but it’s cold outside!