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Cold Weather Ideas 6

The last of the cold weather installments just in time for a snow storm!

Today’s looks features my plaid cape which I love but I don’t wear very often because in the midwest it has to be the perfect situation outside.  Unfortunately I don’t have any long gloves that’ll make the look easier to wear when it’s REALLY cold out.

So this look is best when it isn’t frigid out.  I wear it mostly in the fall.  But it is wool and with a sweater underneath it keeps me pretty warm.

Cold Weather 6

Cold Weather 6

And I love this floppy hat. I tried to tip it back on my head so you could see my face but it doesn’t normally look quite this floppy.  🙂



And there you have it!  (Almost) all my winter coats!

Sweater- Ann Taylor

Hat & Jeans- Gap

Scarf- Burlington Coat Factory

Cape- Target

Earrings- ?

Booties- Younkers


Cold Weather Ideas 5

Counting down til spring and tomorrow is my last cold weather outfit idea.  I can’t wait to report on spring fashion mainly because these last few days of thawing really hit everyone with spring fever.  Hey, it’s almost February.  That means something doesn’t it?!

Today’s look ended up being all covered up.  It must have been really cold!  I was wearing a cute little fair isle long-sleeved t-shirt underneath my coat.

Cold Weather 5

Cold Weather 5

Let’s talk about this coat.  It’s from Kmart.  Yes, I said Kmart.  I love the color.  It’s a bit of a blue/grey/green and I think I bought it in a seasonal sale a few years ago.  It’s just proof to me that you can find great style at any price point.  And I’m wearing my new obsession for winter, a blanket scarf.  My favorite ways to wear it is just draped over one shoulder!

p.s. My hair is looking very drab this day.  Let’s blame it on the man cold!

Coat- Kmart

Jeans- American Eagle

Scarf- Old Navy

And here’s another selfie.  Just because…

Not Another Selfie

Not Another Selfie




Cold Weather Ideas 4

I came down with another man cold.  So if you wonder if I’m toting raccoons under my eyes, no, it’s just my undereye circles.  I’m on the mend and with that, I’ll finish out the last of the cold weather ideas.

Raccoon Eyes

Raccoon Eyes

Cold Weather 4

Cold Weather 4

This outfit is based on bright colors!  My t-shirt is a very pale pink and on top of that I’ve added a silk plaid collared blouse.  It picks up the orchid color of my cords.  I wore my bright white Michael Kors coat (where I had just lost a button) and a lavender hat and scarf.  My earrings also pick up the coral color in my shirt.

I think it’s important to wear bright colors when you are feeling well!

T-shirt- Old Navy

Blouse- Banana Republic

Corduroys- Loft

Booties- Younkers

Coat- Von Maur

Hat & scarf- Wal-Mart

Earrings- Lillian’s

Cold Weather Ideas 3

Day three of cold weather ideas…here I am in my least favorite color again, boring old black. I couldn’t resist this cardigan!  It was on sale for $20 at Von Maur and I had to own it.

Cold Weather 3

Cold Weather 3

I was having a JLo moment, so I took a little selfie for ya.

JLo Moment

JLo Moment

Shirt- Old Navy

Cardigan- Von Maur

Leggings- Loft

Boots & Earrings- JCPenneys

Hat- homemade

Belt- ?

Sunglasses- JLo for Kohls

Cold Weather Ideas 2

A little dusting of snow and another cold weather outfit idea!

Who doesn’t love fair isle?  It takes me back to reindeer sweaters that were NOT cool in middle school.  And maybe also to Bridget Jones….  Either way, a funny, awkward place that makes it so much fun to wear now.

I’ve also been searching for a jeweled sweater like this forever and finally found one at Target, of all places.  The bonus?  It was on sale.

I admit this color of grey is my favorite color of grey.  Let’s call it heathered grey.  And please spell it with an “e.”  It’s just so much cooler that way…

Cold Weather Idea 2

Cold Weather Idea 2

Easy Updo Braids

Easy Updo Braids

Hey, my hair looks better from the back!  I was having a braid updo moment.  It really was quick and easy!

Close Up

Close Up

T-shirt, Sweater & Earrings- Target

Coat & Booties- Younkers

Jeans- American Eagle

Scarf- Old Navy

Cold Weather Ideas

It’s still winter here even if the temps the past few days make you feel that perhaps spring is coming soon.  I can’t say that I have faith our cold weather is behind us.

What to wear when the temperatures are beyond frigid?  This week I’ll give you some ideas, outerwear included!

Today’s outfit, please be kind.  I just had a baby!

Green with Polka Dots

Green with Polka Dots

I started with this cotton 3/4 sleeve black and white polka dot shirt paired with some ivory corduroys.  For added warmth I threw on some color- you don’t have to stick to all neutrals!  I love the pop of this pea green wool cardigan.  For some cold weather accessories, I wore my puffer jacket and a fun hat.  Being cold doesn’t mean being boring!  I l love hats and in this outfit, it’s my only accessory.  (I forgot to wear my black Old Navy gloves that say CH IC on them- whoops!) Add a pair of black booties- all set!

Shirt- Loft

Corduroys- Banana Republic

Sweater- Banana Republic

Hat- Wal-Mart

Coat- Sears

Boots- Younkers

This Is A New One For Me

Here goes nothing.  I had so much fun doing my 30 days of winter to spring outfits, I thought I’d make them into a slideshow for your viewing pleasure.  Let’s see if this thing works!!

What outfit is your favorite?

Day Thirty- Road to Spring- Last Day!

So we aren’t ending on a great picture but I had a wonderful time doing 30 days of winter to spring styles.  And I’m soooo happy that we are officially in to spring.  In fact, today is going to be a BEautiful day with almost 70 degree temps.  Yea!

Thanks for sticking it out with me.  I hope I gave you some incentive to get out of your yoga pants.  At least for a few days.  Now I’ll be getting into mine.  😉

Day ThirtyShirt- Target

Jeans- American Eagle

Heels- Banana Republic

Headband- Sephora

Earrings- Lillian’s, Ring- Old Navy, Watch- Von Maur


Day Twentynine- Road to Spring- Blogging Conference

It was a busy weekend for me.  I went to a blogging conference in Kansas City called Go Blog Social.  I’ll give you my full review later this week.  But I want to finish up our 30 days winter to spring outfits.

This was day one of the conference and while many of the girls were in skirts and dresses, I kept it real in my jeans.  (And thankfully so, it was chilly!)

Day Twentynine


Shirt- Cremieux


Jeans- American Eagle

Necklace & Earrings- Lillian’s

Bracelets- Younkers, local boutique, thrifted

Midi Rings- Target

Day Twentyeight- Road to Spring- Comedian

We are winding down my 30 days of winter to spring style.  I can’t believe 30 days have almost passed!

This was my outfit on a rare date night with the Mr.  We were headed to a comedian with some friends.  I wanted to be dressed up but not too formal.  So I started with a sparkly skirt and added a simple tshirt to the top to tone down the dressiness.  Then I dusted off my heels and this girl was ready for a night on the town!

Day Twentyeight

Day Twentyeight

With My Jacket

Shirt- Express

Skirt- Dillards

Heels- Two Lips

Clutch- Nicole Miller

Earrings & Necklace- I honestly don’t remember , Bracelets- thrifted

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