From Polyvore to Real Life- #12

This was another outfit that took as much time to throw together as a plate of mac and cheese.  While it wasn’t utterly thoughtless, it was quick.
Step one:
1)  Boil the water
Throw on some cropped pants.
2)  Cook the noodles until soft.
Add some color with a tank.
3)  Drain and mix in milk, butter and the cheese.
Add some denim for sauce.
4)  Stir until blended.
Add a few accessories that mix it all together.

From Polyvore to Real Life- #12
Here’s the real life version-

Wasn’t that the cheesiest?

From Polyvore to Real Life- #12 by stylefromthesticks featuring stretch pants

Patagonia shirt

2b stretch pants

Cz jewelry
$39 –

Wallis pearl jewelry

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