Transition to Fall- Summer dress

Transition to Fall- Summer dress

So I know that many of you HAVE summer dresses but you may not wear summer dresses. Well, here’s your second chance. Don’t put them away just yet, they will make for a cute outfits paired with an oversized cozy sweater! And if you haven’t already noticed there’s a neutral bootie theme, you should have a pair in your closet. Or 3.

Transition to Fall- Summer dress by stylefromthesticks featuring a wide hat



MINKPINK tassle dress

Phase Eight long sleeve jumper

$51 –

Sole Society summer ankle boots

New Look silver western jewelry

$7.85 –

Leaves earrings

Billabong wide hat

Transition to Fall- Denim Shorts

Transition to Fall- Denim ShortsEveryone has a pair of denim shorts. Mine just happen to be this distressed. You can wear these long into fall, and here’s an example of how.

I pair them with a silk tank and topped with a long kimono. Don’t be afraid of the long hem! It doesn’t matter if it is longer than your shorts. Also, ditch the sandals to make this less summery and pair them with booties. Really…pair everything with booties! I love shorts and skirts with booties!

When in doubt, go with the bootie!

Transition to Fall- Denim Shorts by stylefromthesticks featuring round sunglasses



Loose tank top

American Eagle Outfitters floral robe

ALDO ankle boots

NOVICA wrap bracelet

Round sunglasses

Hollister Festival High Rise Shorts Girls Bottoms

$44 –

Transition to Fall- White Dress

It’s that time of year again, when no one has any idea what to wear!  Is it going to feel like August today or October?  No one knows!
I have a few tips for you to help with the transition from summer to fall.Transition to Fall- White Dress

Here I’ve taken a very summery dress (nothing gets more summery than a white dress) and paired it with a simple layer- a denim shirt.  You could do a jacket but I like the way the shirt is a little lighter and hopefully it’s also long and is close to the hemline of the dress.  This is also a perfect season for peeptoe booties (because when else do they make sense).  Wear them before the snow flies!  Shoot, I just said the “S” word, sorry!

One thing I can’t live without lately is my baseball cap.  It sure comes in handy for second (or third!) day hair.  I like this outfit with a simple little saddle bag.  Something that reminds me a little of my very first purse in junior high….when it wasn’t cool yet to have a purse.  Does anyone else remember that?

Hopefully this is an outfit you can wear if it’s 80 or 60!

Transition to Fall- White Dress by stylefromthesticks featuring a long button down shirt

New Look floral lace dress
$16 –

Ball cap hat

Tooting My Horn

I’m not one to normally toot my own horn, but today I’ve hit a milestone.

I am officially in the 1K club, that is 1,000 followers on Pinterest. No, I don’t have a huge following on Facebook and my Instagram followers are growing, but I do get some love from Pinterest. 

Maybe that’s a subtle way to say I spend way too much time there?

Yea me!

Happy Birthday

To me! 

I hope you are enjoying your 4th of July weekend! July is one of my favorite months of the year. I refuse to be in the camp of people who think the summer is over after the 4th. For me, July is just the beginning of summer! Baseball and swim lessons are over and that means July is the month of vacations, camps and relaxing! 

Thank you for your patience as I spend time with my kids and try to keep my head above water with work. (You know, the writing that pays.)

I promise to keep this going but for the summer, it’ll be sporadic at best.  You can still find me on the Real Moms of Eastern Iowa blog ( every week.

And for those of you that are curious, housework continues on our fixer upper. I will be posting updates soon.

Meanwhile,  enjoy your summer. Stay stylish! 

School Spirit Track Meet

Rest assured, just when the temperatures are on the rise, you’ll find yourself sitting on metal bleachers cheering on your miniature Olympian. What can you wear to be supportive and fun, all while not melting?
Here’s what I would choose-
The first outfit might not be the exact team colors, but it’s a light color to keep you cool. And a great hat comes in very handy!
The second outfit has some fun boho shorts and some fringe (and non-yawnworthy) sandals. Instead of full on gear, choose a team necklace and tote chock full of water and an umbrella for the sun.
I hope I gave you some summer spirit outfit ideas. I will be doing this again in the fall/winter. Don’t be afraid to break out of the athletic gear and into something with some personality!

School Spirit Track Meet

School Spirit Track Meet by stylefromthesticks featuring lighted home decor

School Spirit Baseball

Baseball season is upon us and that means lots of games out in the heat.  Here are a few ideas for those summer nights on the bleachers.
Keep in mind that showing your support for the team doesn’t always mean wearing a school shirt.  I love to wear just the team color in fun and different ways.
In the first outfit, I went with some tie dye and some lace trimmed shorts.  Because I have gone boho and I might never come back.
The second look is a cute little romper.  I know some of you moms are afraid of the romper. I’m not sure if you think this is going to look like you’re wearing something for your daughter or what.  But I assure you, life is short.  Wear what you want.  If you like the romper, wear the romper!  This time I packed my cute little backpack with fringe to tote the good camera!
For the last outfit, I threw on an easy tank top that you can find just about anywhere with a team hat, and some fun denim shorts.  Don’t you love those kicks?  I might need a pair…
Try to remember this guideline when you wear short short- the shorter the shorts=more coverage up top.  And when you wear longer Bermuda shorts, you can wear a tank.  It’s okay if you forget, I do all the time.
Keep rootin’ for that home team!
School Spirit Baseball


School Spirit Baseball by stylefromthesticks featuring white jean shorts

Mossimo jeans

Adidas originals shoes
$130 –

IPANEMA strappy shoes

Satchel backpack
$21 –

Vintage glasses

School Spirit Soccer

I have fallen off the style wagon.  I think it’s all the sporting events that I am attending lately.  I am in our team apparel more times a week than I care to mention.  That has me thinking, how can I make these outfits more exciting?  Because believe it or not, they don’t have to be boring.
Here are my summer sports outfit ideas.  Today we’ll start with soccer.
Being a soccer mom means being prepared for anything and that includes the weather.  I have been at games and positively frozen and I have been at games where it was 110 in the shade. You just never know.
Here are three ideas for cold/wet weather, crisp weather and warm weather.
For the cold/wet weather, I kept it simple.  You’ll be bundled up anyway.  Seek out a warm coat in your team’s colors that you can wear to multiple events.  And remember sometimes those soccer fields can be wet and muddy so you don’t want your feet to be the same!
In warmer weather, it’s hard to show your personality, so you need to rely on some fun accessories.  Trade out those boring old shorts for something in your team colors that are super comfy anyway!  And wear some pretty sandals with some fun sunnies.
And for crisp weather, when you need just a little something around your shoulders, why not try a kimono?  Toss out that <yawn> old sweatshirt and mix it up a little!  I love this look paired with boyfriend jeans and Converse.
See you on the soccer fields!
School Spirit Soccer


School Spirit Soccer by stylefromthesticks featuring elastic waist pants

Miss Selfridge denim jeans

Vintage kimono

Ally Fashion short shorts
$19 –

Converse shoes
$44 –

Black sandals

Monki round sunglasses
$13 –

Sponsored Post- Life’s A Beach

Sponsored Post- This post contains affiliate links but all opinions are mine.

Rey Swimwear

So I’m writing quite a bit lately for other venues and that leaves my poor little blog neglected. I’m hoping I can figure out how to pick up some of my other writing and let those of you that don’t follow me on Facebook a chance to read what I’m writing elsewhere.

Meanwhile it is almost swimsuit season and while I’m super excited for warmer weather and summer… I am not excited to try on swimsuits.  Never fear!  There are options for those of us that don’t want to bare it all!

One of my favorite swimsuit brands is called Rey Swimwear.  They make an effort to produce modest swimsuits for those of us that don’t really need a string bikini anymore (did anyone ever?).

I have the Holly (ironic) and I wore it actually most of the year that I was pregnant and wasn’t really needing a maternity swimsuit.  It worked out wonderfully!

Here are some of my favorites from their collection this summer:

This is probably my favorite this year.  I just love how easy it looks.  Doesn’t it look comfy?  It reminds me of a suit Ashley Judd wore in the movie Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s a picture-

ann in pinwheel

This is the Ann in Pinwheel and it costs $108 with these bottoms.  And this one is fully lined.  You can also buy a cute little skirt for it separately.

This is another one of my favorites.  I love the trim and buttons.  You know how I love pieces with some personality!  Details matter!

caroline in creamsicle


Caroline in Creamsicle $108

gabrielle in berry


Gabrielle in Berry $108

I am so in love with the blouson top of this suit.  It is forgiving and playful.  It looks like a suit that you could actually run around and chase your children in at the pool or the lake or beach.

I know these suits cost more than your department store but I love that you can support a company that cares about women and their need to not feel naked at the pool!  Win, win!

I should mention that many of these suits can be purchased in different colors and patterns.  And they also sell adorable little girl swimsuits.  Check them out!  Hopefully it’ll make buying your suit for the summer a little less painful!

*This post contains affiliate links.



A Look At What’s Out

Since we talked spring fashion last week, I thought we’d spend some time discussing what’s not on the hot list.  Keep in mind, this is only my opinion, if you love something I’ve listed, I won’t tell you to stop wearing it.  Just know that it may be the last season you might want to do so…

5) While nautical will always be a theme for spring in some form or shape, the stripes that we’ve all been seeing the past few years have now evolved into Ikat and tribal prints.  I’m certain I’ll still sneak a few of the stripes into my looks, but that preppy black and white stripe is out for now.

4) Ballet flats. I’m certainly glad to see these go.  I hated them even when they were in.  Now that we all have them in four different colors, they are out.  What’s in is more of the 70s chunky heels and mules.

Women's Cali Quarter Strap Sandals - Mossimo Supply Co. ™

Women’s Cali Quarter Strap Sandals – Mossimo Supply Co. from Target $34.99

3) Those big bags you’ve been toting?  Well, they’re out too.  This is not good news for those of us with babies but it is good news on our chiropractic bills.  What’s in is oversized clutches and backpacks.  Yup, backpacks.

2) I won’t say animal prints are OUT but I will be wearing them less for spring.  What’s in, suede.  In all colors, shapes and styles, faux or not.  Pretty much all things 70s are in bigtime!

1) Going along with the 70s theme, those structured pieces that I love are out compared to more loose fitting silhouettes.  Think ruffles, lace, cold shoulder tops and long cardigans versus short ones.  A shlumpy look that works great on all of you small framed girls!

Ecote Tabby Modern Cold Shoulder Shirt from Urban Outfitters for $59

One final note, the sporty look that so many have taken up is being replaced with a more boho style.  Think of it as trading up your sports bra for a lace bralette.  🙂


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