Skinny Belts

They are everywhere.  You can’t watch a commercial, flip through a magazine or window shop without seeing these this season.  I, for one, need to buy a few.  I am a belt person.  (Really I’m an accessories person, but that’s for another day.)  Always have been.  My collection of belts is interesting.  I have one I bought at home in South Dakota that is a wonderful wide brown leather with a big silver Western buckle on it.  I love it.  It was from a consignment store.  It is over a decade old and it still is in fashion.  I have all kinds of mid-range belts for those pants that are too loose in the waist, but fit in the hip.  (Some of you are lucky enough not to have this issue.)  But I don’t have a ton of skinny belts. 
These belts top off any “sexy secretary” look.  A fitted cardigan and a pencil skirt?  Perfect.  Skinny jeans and a preppy sweater that hits right at your midsection?  Adorable.  Sheath dress and long cardi?  You nailed it.
You may think to get the basics, brown or black.  But I say, have some fun with it!  Get a metallic or a fuchsia.  Top off your look with a little fuchsia lipstick and you’ll look dynamite!
Here’s the look from the Loft this season.
Where can I find skinny belts on the cheap?  The Loft has leather belts for approximately $30 each.  But you know that’s more than I typically spend on a shirt.  Payless shoes has two for $13 and it is also BOGO time.  But these are leopard print and black.  I found a skinny silver chain belt at Maurices for $15.  Everyone in the sticks has a Maurices close by, right?
Skinny Snake Chain Belt -
Good ole JCPenneys has a set of two metallic belts for $17. 
Mixit® Womens Belt, 2 Metallic
I also found this belt there on clearance.  Look at this cutie!  It looks like multiple skinny belts!
Clearance! MNG by Mango® Belt Trio
It was originally $40 and it is on clearance for $12.
If you find any better skinny belt deals, let me know!  I’m on the hunt!  I’m looking for color!!

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