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School Spirit Baseball

Baseball season is upon us and that means lots of games out in the heat.  Here are a few ideas for those summer nights on the bleachers.
Keep in mind that showing your support for the team doesn’t always mean wearing a school shirt.  I love to wear just the team color in fun and different ways.
In the first outfit, I went with some tie dye and some lace trimmed shorts.  Because I have gone boho and I might never come back.
The second look is a cute little romper.  I know some of you moms are afraid of the romper. I’m not sure if you think this is going to look like you’re wearing something for your daughter or what.  But I assure you, life is short.  Wear what you want.  If you like the romper, wear the romper!  This time I packed my cute little backpack with fringe to tote the good camera!
For the last outfit, I threw on an easy tank top that you can find just about anywhere with a team hat, and some fun denim shorts.  Don’t you love those kicks?  I might need a pair…
Try to remember this guideline when you wear short short- the shorter the shorts=more coverage up top.  And when you wear longer Bermuda shorts, you can wear a tank.  It’s okay if you forget, I do all the time.
Keep rootin’ for that home team!
School Spirit Baseball


School Spirit Baseball by stylefromthesticks featuring white jean shorts

Mossimo jeans

Adidas originals shoes
$130 –

IPANEMA strappy shoes

Satchel backpack
$21 –

Vintage glasses

Fall into Fashion 2015- Victorian

Sorry for the delay!  I thought I had already gotten this post out but I guess not.  Here’s my last fall fashion- Victorian/steampunk.
I’m not talking wearing corsets and fingergloves, but some touches of the steampunk/Victorian look into your wardrobe.  It seems this style comes and goes about every ten years.  A few sure-fire additions are:  a small pleated skirt and any feminine lace up boot.
I’m also into greys and navys this year.  Do your closet a favor and buy more of these neutrals this season.  Give the creams and blacks a rest.
And there are my five fall fashion looks.  I hope you found at least one look that you’re thinking about incorporating into your closet this fall!Fall into Fashion 2015


Fall into Fashion 2015 by stylefromthesticks featuring vintage round sunglasses

Topshop sparkly top

Warehouse pleated midi skirt
$46 –

Park Lane lace up ankle boots
$100 –

Retrò vintage round sunglasses
$3.08 –

Summer Concert Series- Tim McGraw

Happy 4th of July!
Your outfit doesn’t have to be literal.  But if you have something red or blue, today is the day to wear it!  While I enjoy Tim McGraw’s Meanwhile Back at Mama’s (his new song), since today is the 4th I included a song that’ll be sure to make you cry- If You’re Reading This.  Don’t forget when you are watching those fireworks, they are to remember the guns, cannons and rockets our country has fired for our freedom.Summer Concert Series- Tim McGraw
Summer Concert Series- Tim McGraw by stylefromthesticks featuring a maxi dress

Charlotte russe shoes

Spring Trends 2014- Pink Jeans

Everyone knows pastels equate spring. But this year, you are going to see much more pink than usual.  Pink is a color that looks great on everyone and don’t save it for the little girls.

A big trend for spring will be pink jeans.  Much like the cobalt jeans and the mint jeans of previous seasons, pink will be showing up on denim near you.  Use them as you would your white jeans, as a break from the blue denim and to add another dimension to your closet.

Here are three pairs that I dressed up for you.  The first look is for anywhere you need to go and look presentable- conferences, story time at your library; the second look is mommy on the go- run errands, get groceries; and the last look is date night or girl’s night out.   I love the booties with the top.  It’s a little bit romantic and a little bit rock and roll.

Embrace the pink.  Pink is powerful!

Spring Trends 2014- Pink Jeans


Spring Trends 2014- Pink Jeans by stylefromthesticks featuring a white button shirt

Strapless top

H M white button shirt
$25 –

Stretchy jeans

Tinsel skinny fit jeans

Laced up shoes

H&M mid heel boots
$50 –

Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Shoes Every Woman Should Own

If I were stranded on a desert island, these are the shoes I couldn’t live without.  Although most likely I’d run barefoot.  🙂

Seriously, these are just examples of the staples that should be in your closet.  No matter what your occupation or lifestyle.  If you can afford about $30 at the Goodwill, you can own all of these.

1)  Flat sandals.  Every mom needs a pair of these.  Forget the trail sandals or flip flops, a simple, basic flat sandal will pair with shorts, skirts and skinny jeans.  They are feminine and elegant and a must have.  In metallic, there isn’t anything they won’t go with!

2)  A nude pump.  This is the work horse of heels.  This little gem can go to the office or a night out.  It matches just about everything because it is supposed to match you!  Find one that comes close to your skin color and pair it with just about anything.  I draw the line at denim shorts but you get the idea.

3) A tall boot.  The riding boot is the most versatile.  It can be worn with skirts and skinny jeans and is easy to wear for errands.  Choose them in black and cover the “motorcycle” boot look without having to add in a second pair.

4) A flat- most versatile- leopard or metallic.  I choose leopard for this experiment simply because it is having a resurgence this fall.  And it really looks sharp.  Think of the leopard print like you would a red shoe, a pop of unexpected pattern that adds a new dimension to your outfit.  BTW, choosing a red shoe is a great staple…

5) Wedge sandal- Want something dressier than a flat but a heel is too much?  This is the answer.  Bonus wearability, it is the answer for what do I wear with capris.  I chose black because it is the most sophisticated but you can do more casual in an espadrille.  Or you can do dressier with a platform.

6) Metallic sandal heel- This is the one shoe that you won’t wear daily.  But for the formal times in your life when the nude heel simply isn’t doing it, this baby will work wonders.  And then there is the girl like me who would pair it with jeans and have a girls nite out.  I like metallic better than black simply because it goes with more and doesn’t draw as much attention to your feet.

7) Low boots.  Virtually off the horizon until a few years ago, the low boot pairs well with jeans of all shapes.  Add a bit of a heel (cowboy or wedge, your choice) and it is still wearable for a busy mom on the go but much more stylish than sneakers.

Clearly I could add in about a 100 more pairs of shoes.  But these are the barebones.  Also, any of the above could be more exciting than the pairs I have chosen.  Embellishments and color can make staples more exciting!

I hope I’ve got your wardrobe covered!

Shoes Every Woman Should Own by stylefromthesticks featuring leopard print ballet shoes

Forever 21 sandals

College Football

College Football

This weekend is the start of college football for many of the local teams.  And as the temperature soars, girls are wondering what to wear to the big game.

There are more stylish options to wear to a game than just a sweatshirt.  Allow yourself one piece of “gear” and pair it with other items out of your wardrobe that don’t include gym shorts.

Think pairing the masculine with the feminine.  Add in a comfy skirt or a bow on your shorts.  Dressing is a breeze in a collegiate dress!

Adding gladiators is an easy way of dressing the outfit up, like you too are going in to battle while still maintaining comfort for a day of walking and standing.

I hope if you get to go to a game, you stay cool!

Go Big Red!

College Football by stylefromthesticks featuring Marlyn Schiff

Nike tee

Whistle & Wolf black shorts
$70 –

Long earrings

GUESS band ring

Marlyn Schiff earrings