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School Spirit Track Meet

Rest assured, just when the temperatures are on the rise, you’ll find yourself sitting on metal bleachers cheering on your miniature Olympian. What can you wear to be supportive and fun, all while not melting?
Here’s what I would choose-
The first outfit might not be the exact team colors, but it’s a light color to keep you cool. And a great hat comes in very handy!
The second outfit has some fun boho shorts and some fringe (and non-yawnworthy) sandals. Instead of full on gear, choose a team necklace and tote chock full of water and an umbrella for the sun.
I hope I gave you some summer spirit outfit ideas. I will be doing this again in the fall/winter. Don’t be afraid to break out of the athletic gear and into something with some personality!

School Spirit Track Meet

School Spirit Track Meet by stylefromthesticks featuring lighted home decor

Family Picnic

Family Picnic

Memorial Day often strikes up the grilling and picnicking fever in all of us.  What doesn’t sound better than a hotdog or brat right now?  Yum!

If your family is planning on a picnic outing, here’s an outfit for the day.  Hopefully the weather is nice and you can wear shorts.  I like these coral shorts with the pretty belt.  That’s a belt that wants to be shown off, so tuck the shirt in.  I love the eyelet shirt with sleeves.  I love the look of sleeves with shorts.

Don’t forget your picnic blanket!


Family Picnic by stylefromthesticks featuring a striped throw blanket

Gap top

Belted shorts

Asos shoes

Lauren ralph lauren jewelry

Striped throw blanket

Soccer Mom

Soccer Mom

Today certainly hasn’t gone as planned.  After getting the kids off to school,  I found myself phoneless.  Which is a weird feeling.  I was thankful that we still had our landline or I would have felt cut off from the world.  Drat technology anyway!

Instead of my normal routine, I had to make an emergency trip to town to fix said phone.  And in the process, guess what color I ended up dressing in…gray.  Gray like the skies have been for days.

So I color failed today.  And it got me to thinking about how to reset and prepare for what may be ahead for the rest of the week.

One area that I find myself struggling with is soccer.   What should a soccer mom wear?  Clearly no one wants to be the mom on the sidelines in sweatpants or worse…pajama pants.  Please no!  But with Iowa springs, one is never sure what the temperature will be on the soccer fields.  What can seem nice can be quickly deemed miserable on the sidelines of a game.

So here are a few ideas for some colorful soccer mom outfits.  Nothing elaborate.  So when you’re rushing out the door on Saturday morning and need some quick and easy options you won’t end up gray and miserable.  That will just be the sky.


Soccer Mom by stylefromthesticks featuring a multi colored striped bedding

Adidas top

ESPRIT pink hooded sweatshirt
$40 –

Freddy yoga tee
$34 –

Zella clothing

Mango slim jeans
$50 –

Converse white shoes

Keds shoes

Lucky Brand straw hat

Ignite chunky hat
$5.04 –


Quest Hi-Back Comfort Chair

Spring Trends 2014- Collarless Jackets

Jackets this spring are big, which makes sense because most of us have been hiding behind a bulky coat all winter.  One of the trends in jackets is a collarless style.

This looks is very sleek and modern.  It reminds me greatly of the Oscar gown Gwyneth Paltrow wore with the cape.  Perhaps this look is a trickle down from that night?

File:Gwyneth Paltrow 2012.jpg

Image source, Wikipedia via FlickrMaterialscientist

Spring Trends 2014- Collarless Jackets

Anywho, here are a few styles, all worn with heels.  Because I’m kind of missing my heels. Will spring ever arrive?

A collarless jacket is also a great platform for necklaces.  You can either go classic with a chunky short necklace (I’m really envisioning a chain for some reason) or with a longer jacket choose a longer necklace.

Check them out.  They will be a great wardrobe update!


Spring Trends 2014- Collarless Jackets by stylefromthesticks featuring black high waisted jeans

Forever New lined jacket
$72 –

Reiss gray wool pants
$200 –

ALDO polish shoes


Have you tried spinning?  I have to admit I was a little leery when I first signed up.  I do enjoy a good bike ride but I’m just not a distance rider.   So I was concerned that I may not enjoy it.

I’m so glad I tried it!  It takes a while to get used to sitting on the bike.  Read- your bum is going to be sore!!   But eventually that goes away.  I also experienced knee pain until I figured out that my bike’s seat wasn’t up high enough.  So good bike position is important.

I encourage you to not be intimidated by the bike.  It really is a great cardio workout.  Forty minutes on the bike goes so quickly and the best part, no one is blocks ahead of you!  Stationary bikes mean you do what you can and don’t have to be at the same level as your neighbor.

Here’s what to wear-



If you think you aren’t Ragbrai caliber, don’t sell yourself short!  Give the bike a try!


Spinning by stylefromthesticks featuring an adidas hoodie

Adidas hoodie

Nike shoes

Thanksgiving Break- Travel Day

Over the river and through the woods, to your holiday event we go!
Traveling can be a major pain…especially if you are going a long distance or sweating airplane travel with little ones.  Keep things simple.
Start with basic comfy jeans.  For climate control, try a tshirt and knit blazer.  Just one step up from a sweatshirt but so many more style points.
Needing to hop out of the car a bunch? Sport this fun hoodie at the gas stations and these sneakers that weren’t meant for the 5k.
Long way left to go? Snuggle up in a warm sweater and socks. Don’t worry, the horse knows the way to carry the sleigh.Thanksgiving Break- Travel Day


Thanksgiving Break- Travel Day by stylefromthesticks featuring lace print skinny jeans

Quiz shirt top
$32 –

Splendid white v neck tee

Lace up bootie

Thanksgiving Break- Patterned Corduroys

Packing for Thanksgiving?  I’ve got you covered.  Take one pair of pants and I’ll give you three different looks to choose from to make any occasion your trip might throw at you easy to navigate from your suitcase.
The first look- patterned corduroys.  Don’t let these comfy little numbers scare you- there are many ways to wear them!  Find a tshirt with a little pattern to match or just a sweater in the same color family and you have two easy outfits.  Want to dress them up?  Wear a pretty little top with cardigan in a neutral.
These pants would be perfect for a family get-together, a movie run or maybe even Black Friday shopping!
Thanksgiving Break- Patterned Corduroys


Thanksgiving Break- Patterned Corduroys by stylefromthesticks featuring high heel stiletto pumps

Forever New cream lace shirt
$73 –

French Connection blue top
$79 –

Vero Moda studded top
$62 –

Oasis ruched top
$24 –

H&M grey booties
$49 –

High heel stiletto pumps
$40 –

Mixing Masculine & Feminine

Mixing Masculine & Feminine

Our last lesson for a while is about mixing feminine and masculine textures and looks.  The combination is so wonderful.  And here’s why.  Think about a beauty queen all dressed up for competition in her dazzling sequin fuchsia gown, big hair, lots of lipstick and high heels.  While this outfit is Barbie’s dream come true (and perhaps men across America’s), it pretty much leaves you with a cavity.  Think about all the great film female characters that you’ve watched- they all have a little something “extra” that makes them tough while girly.  Scarlett O’Hara had her fiery garnet gown that Rhett carries her up the stairs in and her green velvet “drapes” dress.  Holly Golightly wore her LBD with pearls but don’t forget the Ray Bans.  When Harry & Sally* go on their walk in the park and Sally is wearing her Panama hat with a blazer and polka dots (totally a look I’d wear today), this moment from the movie makes these characters fragile and strong at the same time.  Suffice it to say, it’s a pleasing combination.

How to do it?

In my first look, I took a floral printed, soft skirt (feminine) and paired it with a boyfriend sweater (masculine) and brogues (masculine).   I kept the same cocktail ring and added it in each outfit.  No sweat.

The second outfit began with coated denim.  Much more comfortable than real leather (see Ross Geller and the lotion) but with the same tough texture.  I paired it with lace.  Whoa.  That was a stretch.  And a little bit of sparkle.  The outfit maker?  The leopard print shoes.

The last outfit is a classic combination- satin top, tweed skirt.  They are a match made in heaven.  Those heavy materials crave something juxtaposed to their condition.  Big words today.  A pencil skirt always means heels and pretty ones.

I hope I gave you something new this week to think about when you are putting outfits together!

*Please don’t make me reference this movie.  Google it you young pup!

Mixing Masculine & Feminine by stylefromthesticks featuring a pencil skirt

Cut loose top

Mango blue blouse
$32 –

White House Black Market pencil skirt

Monki flower print skirt
$40 –

Peep toe slingback
$39 –