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Summer Spots- The Pool

Summer Spots- The Pool

Now here’s a place my kids have been dreaming about all winter.  And I have to admit, I enjoy it almost as much.  Are you ready for a dip in the pool?

Can you smell that combination of sunscreen and chlorine?  I’m ready for some long afternoons sitting poolside!


Summer Spots- The Pool by stylefromthesticks featuring outdoors patio furniture

Sky beach towel

Havaianas green sandals

Canvas purse

Summer Spots- The Picnic

Summer Spots- The Picnic

In the summer, there is nothing I enjoy more than eating outside.  Sure there are bugs and heat and occasionally the wind blows your stuff all around.  After a long winter, being cooped up inside, it feels so liberating to enjoy a meal in the great outdoors.

My kids and I often picnic, especially at the park.  It doesn’t always involve a meal; sometimes the kids are better at snacks than a real meal.  We love spreading the blanket on the ground, even if there is a picnic table available, and lounging in the sun.  Sometimes we take a book, sometimes it’s baseball or tennis equipment.  Or we just play in the sand on the playground.

No matter how you picnic, doing it is so much fun.  And if your kids are like mine, they will ask to picnic again and again.  And I know one day, these days will be some of mine and their most treasured memories.


Summer Spots- The Picnic by stylefromthesticks featuring a cotton bedding

Metal home decor
$67 –

Summer Spots- The Porch

Summer Spots- The Porch

I apologize.  I must be still in vacation mode.  All I wanna do is spend some nights on my porch, sitting in my chair, sipping on something cold on a hot night.  I wanna turn on the twinkle lights, light some candles and listen to some country music.

Are you ready?  I’m so ready!


Summer Spots- The Porch by stylefromthesticks featuring outdoor party lights

Garden Trading outdoor wall light
$100 –

Last Minute Gift Ideas (Sponsored)

*All opinions in this post are my own and an honest view of my experiences as a NFM customer. This post is sponsored.

Need a last minute gift idea?  Check out Nebraska Furniture Mart!  They have so much more than furniture- from gifts for the kids to hostess gifts, all the way to big name electronics.  They have something for everyone at every price point!

Here are a few that I love:

1)      Can’t find something wintry to hang on the walls?  Try this wintery scene.

2)      For those of you that wait until the last minute to put up your tree, I love the silvery/gold mix of this tree.  It would be so beautiful full of ornaments!

3)      For those gadget lovers, we enjoy our family tablet.  Even the little ones play apps with coloring on them.

4)      I bought my laptop from NFM two years ago.  It was this brand and I had no trouble with it.  Don’t bother with big name laptops!  Buy one on the cheap!

5)      Who doesn’t need more food storage?  This is a great hostess gift for when the party is over.

6)      I so wish I had this entryway system.  Something to corral all those coats and shoes!

7)      For those kiddos who love their DS’s.  You can never go wrong with good old Mario Kart.

8)      I bought these cute little mugs on Black Friday.  They make me happy every time I use them.

9)      Love the iRobot vacuums and I’m pretty sure absolutely every busy household could use one!

10)   Despicable Me, the original.  Such a great family movie.  Check it out on your BluRay player!

If you hurry you can still get all of these gifts and more delivered for Christmas!

Last Minute Gift Ideas (Sponsored)


Last Minute Gift Ideas (Sponsored) by stylefromthesticks featuring canvas wall art