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School Spirit Track Meet

Rest assured, just when the temperatures are on the rise, you’ll find yourself sitting on metal bleachers cheering on your miniature Olympian. What can you wear to be supportive and fun, all while not melting?
Here’s what I would choose-
The first outfit might not be the exact team colors, but it’s a light color to keep you cool. And a great hat comes in very handy!
The second outfit has some fun boho shorts and some fringe (and non-yawnworthy) sandals. Instead of full on gear, choose a team necklace and tote chock full of water and an umbrella for the sun.
I hope I gave you some summer spirit outfit ideas. I will be doing this again in the fall/winter. Don’t be afraid to break out of the athletic gear and into something with some personality!

School Spirit Track Meet

School Spirit Track Meet by stylefromthesticks featuring lighted home decor

Thanksgiving Travel Day- I’ll Bring the Wine

Thanksgiving Travel Day

Thanksgiving Travel Day

It’s been awhile since I’ve done some actual fashion on the blog, so I’m taking the opportunity this week as many of you are packing for Thanksgiving trips or thinking about what to wear for family gatherings.

As I watch it snow here, I think leggings are perfectly appropriate to wear when you’re traveling, especially in inclement weather.  So long as you take care to wear them with a cute sweater and booties and not a hoodie and some ratty old Uggs.

A wrap coat is very trend this winter and it looks so sophisticated.  No reason not to travel in style.  You will also be seeing these flannel scarves that are really more like small blankets everywhere.  I confess I have one already and wear it regularly.

Don’t forget to bring the wine.  😉

Thanksgiving Travel Day- I’ll Bring the Wine by stylefromthesticks featuring a picnic wine tote

Jane Norman long cowl neck sweater
$55 –

Vero Moda wide pants
$31 –

Suede ankle bootie

MANGO vegan jewelry
$31 –

Blanket scarf

Summer Concert Series- Eric Church’s Give Me Back My Hometown

Happy Birthday to me!  I’m here celebrating it with you and a little Eric Church.  Am I the only one who has a little unreasonable crush on him?
Aviators are a must with this theme.  But I really don’t know why he covers up those beautiful brown eyes with sunglasses anyway?  I think a little laid back supermodel look is right in order for Eric Church.  And of course, beer from the bottle.Summer Concert Series- Eric Church

I think this song is really about drugs overtaking smalltowns but I like to put my own spin on it and I love it more that way.  Here’s the video!


Summer Concert Series- Eric Church by stylefromthesticks featuring blue jeans

T shirt

Dorothy Perkins blue jeans

Forever New crystal jewelry
$22 –

Cemetery Service

Cemetery Service

No Memorial Day weekend is complete without visiting a cemetery.  Many have special services just for the weekend.  Remembering those in military service who have died for their country is the whole point of the holiday.  But many of us also extend it to remember those in our own families who have passed on.

Whatever your reason, be sure to include a trip to the cemetery this weekend.  I’ve packed you an easy outfit to wear.

Start with a maxi dress.  You may be sitting in a lawn chair or standing for a while and you’ll want to feel comfortable.  I would normally add a pair of sandals to this outfit, but at the cemetery, the grass may be wet or you may encounter a critter or two (read snakes) that rarely sees visitors.  And an easy pair of tennies might be the better choice.  Last of all, don’t forget your shades.  It may be sunny, but you may be emotional as well.  For either purpose, they’ll serve their job.

I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend next week!  And now you know what to pack!


Cemetery Service by stylefromthesticks featuring gold tone earrings

H M rayon dress
$50 –

Dorothy Perkins laced shoes

Gold tone earrings

Casual Weekend

Casual Weekend

The weekend is upon us and I’ve put together a few casual colorful outfits for a laid back weekend.

If you want something different, wear a skirt!  Just as easy as jeans, this striped skirt kicks up your style.  For a cool day, pair it with a comfortable sweater.

Can you tell I’m really in love with the white converse this spring?  It’s on my must-have list.  Pair them with a printed tank (no florals needed) and a cardi to keep  you warm.

If you’re a polo girl, don’t be afraid of putting multiple colors together.  Brights look great when worn in a motley crew.  What ties them together?  A simple bracelet.  Yes, you can do that.

I hope you have a bright, sunshiny weekend!


Casual Weekend by stylefromthesticks featuring long tops

Pull Bear top
$30 –

Lola zipper jeans
$89 –

Converse star shoes

Flat pumps

Crystal chain necklace

Accessorize jewellery

Soccer Mom

Soccer Mom

Today certainly hasn’t gone as planned.  After getting the kids off to school,  I found myself phoneless.  Which is a weird feeling.  I was thankful that we still had our landline or I would have felt cut off from the world.  Drat technology anyway!

Instead of my normal routine, I had to make an emergency trip to town to fix said phone.  And in the process, guess what color I ended up dressing in…gray.  Gray like the skies have been for days.

So I color failed today.  And it got me to thinking about how to reset and prepare for what may be ahead for the rest of the week.

One area that I find myself struggling with is soccer.   What should a soccer mom wear?  Clearly no one wants to be the mom on the sidelines in sweatpants or worse…pajama pants.  Please no!  But with Iowa springs, one is never sure what the temperature will be on the soccer fields.  What can seem nice can be quickly deemed miserable on the sidelines of a game.

So here are a few ideas for some colorful soccer mom outfits.  Nothing elaborate.  So when you’re rushing out the door on Saturday morning and need some quick and easy options you won’t end up gray and miserable.  That will just be the sky.


Soccer Mom by stylefromthesticks featuring a multi colored striped bedding

Adidas top

ESPRIT pink hooded sweatshirt
$40 –

Freddy yoga tee
$34 –

Zella clothing

Mango slim jeans
$50 –

Converse white shoes

Keds shoes

Lucky Brand straw hat

Ignite chunky hat
$5.04 –


Quest Hi-Back Comfort Chair

Easter Week- Egg Hunt

What would Easter be without a great egg hunt for the kids.  Jeans are always appropriate and so are tennies.  But add a few fun accessories and a cute little jacket.

Don’t forget your basket!

Easter Week- Egg Hunt


Easter Week- Egg Hunt by stylefromthesticks featuring traditional home decor

Dorothy Perkins red shirt

Blue jacket

Mango skinny jeans
$50 –

Converse shoes

Betsey Johnson stud earrings

Topshop bracelet

Traditional home decor

Spring Trends 2014- Easy Skirts

Spring Trends 2014- Easy Skirts

Let’s think spring!!

The meaning of spring fashion is a little different here in the Midwest.  While most people think spring equates delicate shoes, blouses and capris, we know better.  In typical recent fashion, our climates go from 20 degrees to 65 without warning.  There are very few days without muddy, dirty snowy slush and windy cold rains.  And then all the sudden its summer and you need a tank top because you’ll sweat to death.

What I’m trying to say is that there is no gradual springiness of late.  The days were you feel the tulips popping out of the snow and robins singing.  What we really have our mild winter days and then summer.

So I’m going to dress us for those.  Because let’s be real.  If we lived in LA, we wouldn’t have to worry so much about whether or not that “spring” coat is really going to keep us warm.  It was just for show anyway.

I am also going to try to focus as I always do on trends that I would wear.  You won’t see me telling you to plunk down your money on some crazy runway look- just easy ideas to consider for your spring wardrobe.

And so, number one!  Easy skirts.  We have run the gamut lately with easy skirts.  First was the skater skirt, then the maxi.  While both are still hot items, this year is a tea-length.  It is very 1950s casual.  I like to think of them as ladies aid skirts.  They are prim and proper, but sweet and forgiving- and meant to be worn to work in.  So don’t save them only for church or a girl’s luncheon!  Wear one to a picnic or a meeting or a movie out.  Give your legs and tush a break from the pencils and move again!

You can see how I styled mine.  I chose a poppy color because it always reminds me of spring.  And I paired it with a simple blouse and sweater.  I’m still in love with a poppy lip color and I like how the aviators keep the look from being too vintage.

Is this a spring trend you are willing to try?


Spring Trends 2014- Easy Skirts by stylefromthesticks featuring stud earrings

Old Navy sleeveless top

Mango long sleeve sweater
$33 –

A line skirt

Stud earrings

Heart jewelry

Mango aviator sunglasses
$30 –

NP Set lip care

Winter Blahs

Today this post is being featured on Straight from the Corn State which is a group of fellow Iowa bloggers.  So for those of you who don’t know me, let me introduce myself and my blog.

I’m a fashion blogger who lives in small town Iowa.  My style is for real women, especially Midwesterners, who need affordable fashion.  Most items that I feature are under $100.  As a stay-at-home mom, I know how easy it is to want to live in yoga pants.  But I also know we can do better!  I love putting together outfits, taking fashion questions and occasionally I post my own pictures of what I wear.

Today let’s focus on the winter blahs.  After all, it is January.  The holidays are over and it is so easy to slip into a funk.  And while I love to wear color, when the weather dips down in the subzero temps, it keeps snowing and the sky is grey, well, all I want to do is bunker down and wear grey too.

Here’s a few outfits I put together if you’re feeling grey ‘er too.

Winter Blahs

The first one is for a cozy day at home (read snow day) or maybe a day spent sledding or skating- any outdoor activity.  How can I ask you to put on a tunic sweater and leggings and try to stay warm?  Well, the leggings are made by Uniqlo.  Have you heard of this company?  While they have a regular clothing line, they also make specific clothing for cold weather.  I especially am fond of their tights, leggings and lightweight winter coats.  And guess what?  They aren’t expensive.  Definitely something anyone who sees hard winters needs to explore!

The second outfit is for running errands or getting together with friends for coffee.  The jeans are well worn, the top has some fun detailing and it really couldn’t be more simple.

The last outfit is for a slightly dressier occasion.  I added it because so many of us forget about skirts in the winter.  With the warm tights, it’s okay to put on something a little out of the ordinary.  I see wearing this outfit on a dinner date or to a card party. (Remember those? Worth resurrecting!)

We are all suffering through our vitamin D deficiencies.  But think of this time as a chance to cozy up to a fire with a good book, to spend quality indoor time with family and friends and to cuddle with your Mr.

Thank you for reading today!  If you enjoyed my post, please consider following my blog!



Winter Blahs by stylefromthesticks featuring cable pants

Object Collectors Item rayon shirt
$48 –

Studded top

Mango ripped jeans
$49 –

Uniqlo rib tight

Uniqlo cable pants
$21 –

Short boots

H M black ankle bootie
$49 –

Monsoon black jewelry

Kohl jewelry

Tropical Getaway

What else do you need to take with you for a midwinter getaway?  Sundresses in every shape, color and pattern.  Take the stress out of putting outfits together and slap them on.  They’ll keep you cool, comfortable and beautiful.

Here’s a few of my favorite-

Tropical Getaway


Tropical Getaway by stylefromthesticks featuring a navy blue dress

Topshop sundress dress

People Tree navy blue dress
$39 –

Rare London red dress
$25 –

Prom dress
$16 –

Pull Bear short dress
$26 –

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