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School Spirit Baseball

Baseball season is upon us and that means lots of games out in the heat.  Here are a few ideas for those summer nights on the bleachers.
Keep in mind that showing your support for the team doesn’t always mean wearing a school shirt.  I love to wear just the team color in fun and different ways.
In the first outfit, I went with some tie dye and some lace trimmed shorts.  Because I have gone boho and I might never come back.
The second look is a cute little romper.  I know some of you moms are afraid of the romper. I’m not sure if you think this is going to look like you’re wearing something for your daughter or what.  But I assure you, life is short.  Wear what you want.  If you like the romper, wear the romper!  This time I packed my cute little backpack with fringe to tote the good camera!
For the last outfit, I threw on an easy tank top that you can find just about anywhere with a team hat, and some fun denim shorts.  Don’t you love those kicks?  I might need a pair…
Try to remember this guideline when you wear short short- the shorter the shorts=more coverage up top.  And when you wear longer Bermuda shorts, you can wear a tank.  It’s okay if you forget, I do all the time.
Keep rootin’ for that home team!
School Spirit Baseball


School Spirit Baseball by stylefromthesticks featuring white jean shorts

Mossimo jeans

Adidas originals shoes
$130 –

IPANEMA strappy shoes

Satchel backpack
$21 –

Vintage glasses

School Spirit Soccer

I have fallen off the style wagon.  I think it’s all the sporting events that I am attending lately.  I am in our team apparel more times a week than I care to mention.  That has me thinking, how can I make these outfits more exciting?  Because believe it or not, they don’t have to be boring.
Here are my summer sports outfit ideas.  Today we’ll start with soccer.
Being a soccer mom means being prepared for anything and that includes the weather.  I have been at games and positively frozen and I have been at games where it was 110 in the shade. You just never know.
Here are three ideas for cold/wet weather, crisp weather and warm weather.
For the cold/wet weather, I kept it simple.  You’ll be bundled up anyway.  Seek out a warm coat in your team’s colors that you can wear to multiple events.  And remember sometimes those soccer fields can be wet and muddy so you don’t want your feet to be the same!
In warmer weather, it’s hard to show your personality, so you need to rely on some fun accessories.  Trade out those boring old shorts for something in your team colors that are super comfy anyway!  And wear some pretty sandals with some fun sunnies.
And for crisp weather, when you need just a little something around your shoulders, why not try a kimono?  Toss out that <yawn> old sweatshirt and mix it up a little!  I love this look paired with boyfriend jeans and Converse.
See you on the soccer fields!
School Spirit Soccer


School Spirit Soccer by stylefromthesticks featuring elastic waist pants

Miss Selfridge denim jeans

Vintage kimono

Ally Fashion short shorts
$19 –

Converse shoes
$44 –

Black sandals

Monki round sunglasses
$13 –

Easter Week- Good Friday

Easter Week- Good Friday

I realize Easter is fast approaching and many of you have family coming or are off to visit family.  What to wear?  Don’t sweat it, I’ll throw out some ideas.

Here’s a look for Good Friday.  My church has Good Friday service but even if yours doesn’t, remember the day of the church year that is designated for remembering Jesus’ death.  It’s a somber day, so typically I break out some black.  And that’s reason enough for some depression.  Reason no.2 is knowing that my sin is what put Jesus on the cross to die.

Take a few moments on Good Friday to reflect on the sacrifice Jesus made for you.


Easter Week- Good Friday by stylefromthesticks featuring black jeans

Lace top

Miss Selfridge black jeans

Lace up boots
$42 –

River Island satchel handbag
$67 –

Lipsy bow ring
$20 –

Accessorizing Your Dress

Accessorizing Your Dress

It’s time to talk accessories!  This might be my favorite part!

I found three dresses that have similar elements of my own dress and accessorized them.  I kept the accessories the same (earrings, bracelet, clutch and shoes) so that you can focus on the difference they make between looks.  Don’t forget that your hair is an accessory too!  And probably your most important one!

The first look has a sophisticated hairstyle because the dress is very simple.  I chose simple jewelry that feels very regal.  Nothing too showy but also still fancy.

The second look is more of a Grecian inspired look.  I chose the longer earrings with the longer hair, a simpler shoe to peek out the bottom of the dress and a deco looking clutch.

The last look has a sweeter feel.  Because of the rhinestones on the dress, I put the more romantic inspired hairstyle with it.  I also added the all over sparkle shoes and clutch but kept the accessories simple.

Three different looks with very similar dresses.  I hope you have fun with your accessories!


Accessorizing Your Dress by stylefromthesticks featuring metallic handbags

Thakoon pink satin dress

How to wear formal ball gown
$245 –

Jane Norman metallic handbag
$24 –

Free People cuff jewelry

What to wear with bracelet jewelry
$39 –

Oasis what to wear with vintage jewellery
$16 –

New Year’s Eve outfits

I’m back!  And I’m realizing that my two other Christmas trees never posted.  Guess you’ll be seeing those this week.

As promised, here are a few NYE outfit ideas.  In case you are braving the cold and going to a grown up party, wear separates but still feel all dressed up.  If you’re dining with friends, wear something to liven up the party.  Don’t have a babysitter?  Ring in the new year with your loved ones and wear some leggings and slippers.  Cardigan, optional.

Whatever you do this New Year’s Eve, please be safe.

New Year's Eve outfits


New Year’s Eve outfits by stylefromthesticks featuring slim pants

Superdry black cardigan
$205 –

Poem lace shirt
$41 –

Jane Norman long sleeve top
$33 –

VILA tall shirt
$46 –

Mossimo yellow top

Miss Selfridge sequin skirt

Madewell slim pants

Platform booties

Town Festival

Whatever your town is doing for its Christmas celebration, if you live where there is cold weather, you want to be bundled up!
Start with a great sweater that will be stylish when you may have to duck indoors and take your coat off.  Add on some white jeans- completely appropriate for either summer or winter.
Don’t forget a warm coat, easy to wear but also stylish boots, and your hat and mittens!
The only thing missing…a warm cup of hot chocolate to keep you toasty!Town Festival


Town Festival by stylefromthesticks featuring beanie hats

Miss Selfridge aztec print top
$52 –


Paige Denim skinny leg jeans
$305 –

Beanie hat
$46 –