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Holiday Looks- Velvet Pants

Holiday Looks- Velvet Pants

Here is a look that I have worn from church to a work Christmas party and also may be a great option for New Year’s Eve. 

This time of year, I love velvet and these cute little ankle pants from Old Navy won’t break the budget, but pack lots of style.

Pair them with something equal to the richess of the velvet- a satin top or a sequin blouse. Add a statement necklace that brings in color and some sparkly heels.

Ready for whatever!

Holiday Looks- Velvet Pants by stylefromthesticks featuring high heel shoes

French Connection white blouse
$46 –

WearAll womens plus top

Old Navy skinny pants

Shirò high heel shoes

Nine West high heel shoes

Statement necklace

Kate Spade flower necklace

Destination Inspiration- The Lake

Destination Inspiration- The Lake

Part of my life I spent living close to a lake.  And after many years of being away from the lake, one visit to the water reminds me of so much.

A lake provides such an added level of richness to a kid’s life.  It is an education of water safety and primal learning.  Days spent exploring on the beach, stick in hand, sitting around beach campfires, collecting shells and telling stories…that’s a great day for a kid.  That’s not taking into account all of the swimming and canoeing and if you’re one of the lucky ones, time on jet skis, pontoons and speed boats, skiing and tubing until you are burnt to a crisp.

Style for the lake doesn’t have to be fussy.  Pack a pair of flip flops and throw your hair into a ponytail.  Most likely it won’t look this beautiful but no one will care.  90% of the time, it’ll be a wet mess anyway.

The smells of the sun and the water, the sound of the waves lapping on the shore, these are things that will live in your child’s memories forever.


Destination Inspiration- The Lake by stylefromthesticks featuring red strap shoes

Old Navy red strap shoes


Spring Jackets for Moms

Spring Jackets for Moms

Every mom needs an arsenal of jackets for spring.  While you might only have one or two winter coats, spring jackets vary depending on what you’re doing.  I’ve got you covered.

Starting with the top right-

Here is a very trendy jacket that’s sure to up your style anti.  When you’re wearing jeans, this jacket will pop since the olive will surely stand out against the blue and, with the two toned sleeves, add dimension to your outfit.

The second jacket is a faux leather jacket in a soft pastel.  This jacket will take your spring dresses and give them warmth without sacrificing their feminine feel.  And it softens a tough jeans and t-shirt look.

No mom’s wardrobe would be complete without a jean jacket.  I like to wear mine with dresses and pants other than jeans.  Yes, you can wear something other than jeans!

Then there’s the zip up jacket.  Playing with the kids in the park?  You’ll need a warm jacket that can take the activity.  Caution, use sparingly!  It’s easy to never get out of this option!

Probably my favorite spring jacket, the trench.  This baby will take you from the school yard to date night without pause.  Look for one with a hood unless you are Audrey Hepburn and will wear a scarf over your hair in the rain…

Lastly, typical mom wardrobe- the hoodie.  Of course we all need this piece.  But I challenge you to wear some in a print, like these easy stripes.  Look for something that will add visual interest to your outfits.  This hoodie will help create an outfit instead of dull it down.

If you find yourself reaching for the same jacket every morning, choose wisely!  There are many quick and easy options that will take you out and about in style!


Spring Jackets for Moms by stylefromthesticks featuring a navy hooded sweatshirt

AX Paris pu sleeve jacket
$42 –

Denim jacket

Spring Trends 2014- Button Ups

Day two spring trends.  And this one is just a carryover from winter, button downs!  And really buttons in general are everywhere.  A big trend this spring!

While you’ve been mainly wearing a ton of plaid flannel shirts and buffalo checks, it’s time to lighten up! Spring is all about bright colors, Burberry-inspired plaid and fun prints.

In the looks below, I added in a few sweaters to compliment your button ups in case you need another layer.  I also gave you some footwear ideas and don’t forget these button downs pair greatly with statement necklaces!

Spring Trends 2014- Button Ups


Spring Trends 2014- Button Ups by stylefromthesticks featuring tapered skinny jeans

SELECTED navy shirt
$96 –

J Crew shirts top

Old Navy navy blue top

Long sleeve top

Slim shirt
$25 –

Uniqlo tapered skinny jeans
$50 –

Wallis slip on flat

Canvas oxford

Spring Trends 2014- Easy Skirts

Spring Trends 2014- Easy Skirts

Let’s think spring!!

The meaning of spring fashion is a little different here in the Midwest.  While most people think spring equates delicate shoes, blouses and capris, we know better.  In typical recent fashion, our climates go from 20 degrees to 65 without warning.  There are very few days without muddy, dirty snowy slush and windy cold rains.  And then all the sudden its summer and you need a tank top because you’ll sweat to death.

What I’m trying to say is that there is no gradual springiness of late.  The days were you feel the tulips popping out of the snow and robins singing.  What we really have our mild winter days and then summer.

So I’m going to dress us for those.  Because let’s be real.  If we lived in LA, we wouldn’t have to worry so much about whether or not that “spring” coat is really going to keep us warm.  It was just for show anyway.

I am also going to try to focus as I always do on trends that I would wear.  You won’t see me telling you to plunk down your money on some crazy runway look- just easy ideas to consider for your spring wardrobe.

And so, number one!  Easy skirts.  We have run the gamut lately with easy skirts.  First was the skater skirt, then the maxi.  While both are still hot items, this year is a tea-length.  It is very 1950s casual.  I like to think of them as ladies aid skirts.  They are prim and proper, but sweet and forgiving- and meant to be worn to work in.  So don’t save them only for church or a girl’s luncheon!  Wear one to a picnic or a meeting or a movie out.  Give your legs and tush a break from the pencils and move again!

You can see how I styled mine.  I chose a poppy color because it always reminds me of spring.  And I paired it with a simple blouse and sweater.  I’m still in love with a poppy lip color and I like how the aviators keep the look from being too vintage.

Is this a spring trend you are willing to try?


Spring Trends 2014- Easy Skirts by stylefromthesticks featuring stud earrings

Old Navy sleeveless top

Mango long sleeve sweater
$33 –

A line skirt

Stud earrings

Heart jewelry

Mango aviator sunglasses
$30 –

NP Set lip care


I’m excited to try snowshoeing this winter.  It would be a first for me but I liken it to cross-country skiing.

I’m anticipating wearing warm layers because I know that this will be a great workout and once I start exercising, I’m going to sweat.  Fleece-lined leggings and moisture-wicking socks will help keep me warm.  Online they recommend light-weight running shoes that are flexible to wear with your snowshoes.  And don’t forget the ear warmers (a hat might be too hot) and some wool gloves.

What a great way to workout and try something new!



Snowshoeing by stylefromthesticks featuring black fleece lined leggings

Forever 21 top

Old Navy shirts top

Fair isle glove
$32 –

Last Minute Shopping

It’s down to the final minutes and you are still trying to figure what to get your father-in-law.  A little last minute shopping is what you need.

Stay comfy in jeans and a t-shirt but with a tweed jacket, you’ll stay warm in and out of stores without a coat to drag around.  And pair of flats will keep your errands quick.

And hopefully you’ll find him something!  Either way, get in the gift giving mood!

Last Minute Shopping


Last Minute Shopping by stylefromthesticks featuring black ballet flats

Lined jacket
$100 –

Mango slim fit jeans
$49 –

Chain necklace

Topshop floral bracelet
$4.09 –

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