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Spring Forward 2016, Look Five

I hope I’ve given you some ideas on what to be shopping for this spring.  Here’s the last outfit in this little spring collection.

This last look is for when the spring turns warmer because these little rompers are everywhere!  While this one might be a little bare as presented on the model, I paired it with a cute little bralette that is meant to be another layer.  I also topped it with a cardigan to cover up in that’s actually longer than the romper because of the fringe.  This is a look that goes against what your mama taught you.  But it’s a trend no less.  I kept the accessories earthy and simple.

And those are my five looks for a Bohemian spring. I’ll be excited to see what you’ll be wearing!

Spring Forward 2016, Look Five

For more information on these pieces, check below:

Spring Forward 2016, Look Five by stylefromthesticks featuring a fringe top

Fringe top

Multi color jumpsuit
$14 –


Spring Forward 2016, Look Four

This is a date night look.  Pair a pretty little Bohemian dress with some flirty little add ons.  I especially like these shoes that will go with many different looks.  And the bag reminds me of something my grandmother would have carried.  Don’t forget to make each wrist sparkle a little with some great bracelets.

Spring Forward 2016, Look Four

You can find more information on each piece here:

Spring Forward 2016, Look Four by stylefromthesticks featuring gold bangles

René Derhy red cocktail dress
$88 –

Kayu white handbag
$235 –

River Island gold bangle

Gold bangle

Spring Forward 2016, Look Three

Need a break from jeans but not ready yet for shorts?  Don’t forget the easy style of the maxi skirt.  Last year’s floppy hat will still get some wear this spring and so will those neutral boots that you wore all winter (since it’s still not quite sandal weather outside).

To more information on each piece, check out the links below:

Spring Forward 2016, Look Three


Spring Forward 2016, Look Three by stylefromthesticks featuring band hats

Floral blouse

Pink maxi skirt

Band hat

Spring Forward 2016, Look Two

Another day, another spring look!  This one has a mix of styles, Bohemian, paired with some Hunter boots just in case of mud and a touch of preppy with the emerald green blouse.

Fringe is still really hot this season and you’ll find it on just about everything from shoes to bags to tops.  It captures my inner hippie.  Plus it’s fun to wear!

spring forward 2

Spring Forward Look 2

More details on the pieces here:

Short sleeve top

Long floral kimono

Tall rain boots

Tassel pendant

Tech accessory

Spring Forward 2016- Look One

“I might even take a wild, boyish fling at writing,” says Paul Varjak from Breakfast at Tiffanys.  (If you haven’t seen that movie, put it on your must watch list for old movie night.)
I realize my productivity with this blog has lapsed but I think things are starting to come round!  I had a teething baby to wean and so many a day I’ve spent rocking a crabby baby.  I know I’ll miss those days all too soon!
Now I’m seeing the light at the tunnel though, probably just in time for the kids to get out of school and create a whole new set of challenges.  Meanwhile, let’s think about spring.  My kiddos have been out of school for break this week and it has me thinking about new spring fashion trends!
Here’s day one-
spring forward 1

Spring Forward 2016

The theme for my looks this week is definitely going to have a Bohemian influence because that look is everywhere!  And I love it.
I cannot believe I’m saying this but guess what’s big for spring…chokers.  Yes, it is 1992 and you’re pairing them with your bodysuit.  Wha????  Yes chokers.  You can blame this fashion trend from the boho look that is sweeping through stores and my closet.  While I will be a part of this trend, I will reserve wearing my choker for junking trips and nights out dancing.  I probably won’t be sporting it on the playground.  But kudos to you if you do!
A few other trends in this look are the flowy wrap blouse, the peeptoe booties, and the round sunglasses (I love those!).  Prints are big for spring.  So be on the lookout for some new patterned tops when you’re out shopping!
Here’s more info about each piece:
Spring Forward 2016 by stylefromthesticks featuring a blue shirt

Topshop shell necklace
$12 –

Fall into Fashion 2015- Victorian

Sorry for the delay!  I thought I had already gotten this post out but I guess not.  Here’s my last fall fashion- Victorian/steampunk.
I’m not talking wearing corsets and fingergloves, but some touches of the steampunk/Victorian look into your wardrobe.  It seems this style comes and goes about every ten years.  A few sure-fire additions are:  a small pleated skirt and any feminine lace up boot.
I’m also into greys and navys this year.  Do your closet a favor and buy more of these neutrals this season.  Give the creams and blacks a rest.
And there are my five fall fashion looks.  I hope you found at least one look that you’re thinking about incorporating into your closet this fall!Fall into Fashion 2015


Fall into Fashion 2015 by stylefromthesticks featuring vintage round sunglasses

Topshop sparkly top

Warehouse pleated midi skirt
$46 –

Park Lane lace up ankle boots
$100 –

Retrò vintage round sunglasses
$3.08 –

Fall into Fashion 2015- Buffalo Check

Have you seen any Target commercial this fall?  Buffalo check (the big square check pattern) is everywhere.  And it isn’t just on clothing…it’s everywhere for the home too!
Speaking of Target, I’m SERIOUSLY loving their Mossimo jeans lately.  It’s pretty much all I wear.  They are affordable ($28- yes!), stretchy and comfortable and…they have low back pockets.  Which for you JLo blessed girls like me means they equal flattering!
I know this year’s burning question is, are skinny jeans out?  Well, according to New York they are.  But out here in the sticks, it’s going to take some time to trickle down.  I see the flares coming back for the younger set.  What cut do I buy?  Straight.  I love them.  They are more forgiving than the skinny and I can still wear them with my boots and booties.  Roll ’em up and they are great capris.  And when I get a stain on them, I don’t feel the need to freak out.  Don’t forget to watch for sales where they are buy one, get one 50% off!
How to wear the buffalo check without feeling like a lumberjack?  I recommend jewelry.  It’ll add some instant femininity.  Unless you really are working.  Then you should probably just throw on a ball cap.  🙂 Fall into Fashion 2015


Fall into Fashion 2015 by stylefromthesticks featuring hoop earrings

J Crew clothing

Mossimo jeans

Lace up booties

Fall into Fashion 2015- Gypsy Prints

What’s the surest way to having a wardrobe that gives you a big old yawn?  Having no prints in your closet.  Yes, solids are staples and put the focus on you.  But let’s spice things up a bit.  I challenge you to buy three new pieces this fall that all have prints.  I bet they become your favorites!
This outfit features a tribal print.  I’m mixing a little bit of Native American/Boho and Indian style here.  What does that get me?  Gypsy.  I’m pretty sure there are no rules for what qualifies in this genre but don’t forget the western influence.  Think of it like modern country, ya, just like your house.
I styled this outfit with my new hat, the Panama, a sun catcher necklace and a tasseled bootie.  If you don’t have a neutral bootie, I’m not sure what you’re waiting for.
However you style your gypsy gear, it should set you free.  🙂Fall into Fashion 2015


Fall into Fashion 2015 by stylefromthesticks featuring brown ankle booties

Topshop pattern dress
$61 –

Wallis sparkle jewelry

BP black wool hat

Fall Into Fashion 2015- Head to Toe Denim

As previously mentioned, just about anything 70s is back with a twist.  And I can’t believe I’m about to post this outfit but gaaaaddd, here it is.

Fall Into Fashion 2015

Fall Into Fashion 2015 by stylefromthesticks featuring hoop earrings

The denim suit.  Yup, you can thank Joanna Gaines directly for half of America for even wanting to put this on their bodies.  Before you go all Justin Timberlake/Britney Spears on me, here’s a few suggestions.  1)  Don’t wear exactly the same shade of denim head to toe.  2)  This look can immediately scream this (and if you don’t know who this is, we can’t be friends)-

Schneider from One Day at A Time

So mix up the masculine with some feminine pieces.  Or just wear it to work with a hard hat.  🙂

Levi’s blue jeans

Fall into Fashion 2015- Fringe

As promised, this week I’m taking a break from the fixer upper and focusing on fall fashion!
I’ll give you my five top trends for fall, starting today with fringe.  It is perhaps my favorite fall trend as I think this fall I have officially gone gypsy.  I may never come back.
What I love about the gypsy style is that it combines two of my favorite styles, boho and country.  And it tacks on just a hint of glam (read- lots of fun accessories).  This style isn’t for the faint of heart, it takes courage!
You can find fringe on just about anything this season, from shirts to bags to boots.  I recommend using one standout piece.
I also really love the smaller trends in this outfit- the feathers, the arrowhead and the bucket bag.Fall into Fashion 2015


Fall into Fashion 2015 by stylefromthesticks featuring charm jewelry

White top

Bracelet bangle

Panacea chain jewelry

Charm jewelry

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