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Spring Forward 2016, Look Four

This is a date night look.  Pair a pretty little Bohemian dress with some flirty little add ons.  I especially like these shoes that will go with many different looks.  And the bag reminds me of something my grandmother would have carried.  Don’t forget to make each wrist sparkle a little with some great bracelets.

Spring Forward 2016, Look Four

You can find more information on each piece here:

Spring Forward 2016, Look Four by stylefromthesticks featuring gold bangles

René Derhy red cocktail dress
$88 –

Kayu white handbag
$235 –

River Island gold bangle

Gold bangle

Fall into Fashion 2015- Gypsy Prints

What’s the surest way to having a wardrobe that gives you a big old yawn?  Having no prints in your closet.  Yes, solids are staples and put the focus on you.  But let’s spice things up a bit.  I challenge you to buy three new pieces this fall that all have prints.  I bet they become your favorites!
This outfit features a tribal print.  I’m mixing a little bit of Native American/Boho and Indian style here.  What does that get me?  Gypsy.  I’m pretty sure there are no rules for what qualifies in this genre but don’t forget the western influence.  Think of it like modern country, ya, just like your house.
I styled this outfit with my new hat, the Panama, a sun catcher necklace and a tasseled bootie.  If you don’t have a neutral bootie, I’m not sure what you’re waiting for.
However you style your gypsy gear, it should set you free.  🙂Fall into Fashion 2015


Fall into Fashion 2015 by stylefromthesticks featuring brown ankle booties

Topshop pattern dress
$61 –

Wallis sparkle jewelry

BP black wool hat

Q&A- Destination Arizona

I received the following question-
I am going to Arizona with my family for spring break. We’re flying there and I’m hoping to fit our whole family of five into one suitcase.  So I can’t take much.  Can you help me with some outfit ideas and what to pack? We’ll be doing lots of family activities and also will hopefully have a few dates nights including an Alan Jackson concert.
Thank you for your question Meghan!
I too am taking a trip for spring break and am trying to pack light.   More on that later this week.
I tried to combine a few things for you in the same color palette so that they could be mix and match.  The key is to look for pieces that have pattern and some that are solid so you get the strongest outfit combinations from them.
You’re gonna need your boots for the concert so I recommend wearing them on the plane to save room in the suitcase.  And potentially the jean jacket as well.  You could also include a scarf for warmth instead of the jean jacket or wear both if you wish!
I like the idea of a sundress and a maxi skirt.  You can wear your jean jacket over the top of the dress.  You can also pair this white eyelet top with the maxi skirt tucked in with the belt.  The longer tunic length of the tshirt can be worn with leggings or tucked in to the maxi skirt.
Don’t forget some fun sandals and your swimsuit!  Oh, and a pretty carry on!
I hope you have a great time!
Destination Arizona


Destination Arizona by stylefromthesticks featuring a bikini swimsuit

Topshop navy blue sundress
$46 –

Crochet tank top

Blue top

Hue cotton legging
$77 –

River Island bikini swimsuit
$54 –

Strap sandals

Green bag

Ilundi black belt
$40 –

2014 Fall Trends- Ripped Jeans

It’s time for a little fall fashion!  I’ve prolonged it as much as I possibly could as I’m busy working away on house projects. But I’ll save those for next week.

I could give you the lowdown on the runway trends.  But I get bored with those easily.  They are predictable (surprise, surprise, some shade of purple and animal prints are trends) and come around every fall.   And the rest typically don’t trickle down to us regular folk.  Why bother.

2014 Fall Trends- Ripped Jeans

So get ready for my cooler weather looks!  You’ll find these trends surprising.  Starting with today’s.  Fall trend #1…ripped jeans.  Sure, a little distressing has been around here and there but these are full on ripped.  Like Alan Jackson 1992.  I have even seen some of the jeans advertised as “mom jeans.”  They are high-waisted, light or acid washed and holey. There is just part of me that can’t go there.  But a smallishness of distressing… okay.   Keep in mind if you are wearing said mom jeans on purpose, you better be under 30.  The rest of us are still trying to avoid looking like a candidate on What Not to Wear.

How to wear ripped jeans:

1)  Keep in mind that pairing with flannel and combat boots are going to be reminiscent of the 90s.  I prefer to keep the look more modern with an oversized cardigan and trusty white Converse.

2)  Don’t pair this with too much skin on top.  Unless you are a teenage rock star.

3)  Structured looks are by far my favorite. So if you’re dressing up in a blazer and breaking out the heels anyway,  these jeans will keep you from looking stuffy.

In your mom jeans.  😉

(FYI- red is a big color for fall. It hasn’t been around lately and I’m finding it refreshing.) 

2014 Fall Trends- Ripped Jeans by stylefromthesticks featuring a cashmere cardigan

H M cashmere cardigan
$98 –

Vince Camuto graphic tee

ONLY print blazer
$55 –

River Island boyfriend jeans
$65 –

Steve Madden red pumps

Converse flat shoes

Black purse
$52 –

Bird scarve

Swim Season- Best for Your Body

Swim Season- Best for Your Body

I know it’s hard to believe, but there is a swimsuit out there for everyone.  Yes, even your body.  We all have our own body issues and you just have to get past that.  You should never sit out of the pool or the beach because you are afraid of what you look like in a swimsuit.  Life is too short ladies!

Here are some suits for some common body issues.  Because we can’t all be built like supermodels.   God made us all unique and your body is something to be celebrated, no matter how you feel about your jiggly thighs.  So stop stressing.  Do your best to find a suit that flatters and hit the water!

First up, for those of you on the petite side- I like this suit because sometimes it can be tricky finding a tankini that hits in just the right spot.  Here you have the illusion of a tankini in a one piece.  The ruffle below the hip and the detail at the bust separate the waist, creating a longer torso.

The next suit is a stunner.  I love the cut outs at the waist.  But be wary, this suit is for those of you with an hourglass figure.  A fuller bust and a small waist will enhance this suit’s appeal.  Steer clear of this one if you have a tummy.

If your hips are your concern, try this suit.  The monotone color and skirted suit will help create length and narrowness.

For the full figured, this suit will be a weapon.  Not only will it give you bust support but the A-line skirting will flatter your hips and add some sass.

For the small chested, this suit with its defined cups and detailing at the bustline will create more curves up top.  And you can get away with no straps.  I love the pattern on this suit too!

And lastly for those with a big bust, this all over ruching will help camouflage a chest.  The supportive straps are important as well as the height of the cups.  You need to look a suit that hits higher on the chest.  It’ll mean less exposure and more support.

One last tip, if you find a suit that you love (and if that happens, celebrate!) but feel like it’s too boring, don’t forget the art of embellishments.  Wear a fun hat, add a pretty brooch to the bustline (yes! you can!) or get out the needle and thread.  There are all kinds of fabric flowers, beads and trimmings that can make something basic into something stylish!

Time for the water!



Swim Season- Best for Your Body by stylefromthesticks featuring underwire swimsuits

Swim skirt

Swimsuit swimwear

One piece swimwear

River Island clothing
$47 –

Swim Season- Black & White

Swim Season- Black & White

Are you just a simple gal that enjoys a basic suit?  Then these black and white suits may be just what you need.

I chose only one pieces to showcase as beyond the retro bikini, I’m out.  And these suits are really very basic, the only have a few little embellishments to jazz them up and make them special.

The first one is the look I’m starting to really love this season.  It looks like separates because of its two-toned nature but it is all one suit.  I also love that the white will draw attention away from your lower half and focus on the top, which has those little frills of black on the cups.

The second suit is for those of you who HAVE to have a black suit.  This one has just enough flounce at the bottom with the white piping to keep it from being boring.

And the last suit is the most intricate.  It has strong graphic black and white details.  I love how the strategically placed black sides will whittle away your waist.

All of these suits are under $100.  So forget all of those sad little halters at Wal-Mart.  Find a simple suit that makes a statement!


Swim Season- Black & White by stylefromthesticks featuring a swim wear

Topshop halter top

Gottex swim wear

River Island swimsuit swimwear
$50 –

Easter Week- Good Friday

Easter Week- Good Friday

I realize Easter is fast approaching and many of you have family coming or are off to visit family.  What to wear?  Don’t sweat it, I’ll throw out some ideas.

Here’s a look for Good Friday.  My church has Good Friday service but even if yours doesn’t, remember the day of the church year that is designated for remembering Jesus’ death.  It’s a somber day, so typically I break out some black.  And that’s reason enough for some depression.  Reason no.2 is knowing that my sin is what put Jesus on the cross to die.

Take a few moments on Good Friday to reflect on the sacrifice Jesus made for you.


Easter Week- Good Friday by stylefromthesticks featuring black jeans

Lace top

Miss Selfridge black jeans

Lace up boots
$42 –

River Island satchel handbag
$67 –

Lipsy bow ring
$20 –

Spring Trends 2014- Cropped Jackets

Our final spring trend- cropped jackets.  These can really be tricky for us moms who may not want to delve into anything that contains the word “cropped.”  But I assure you, the jackets I’ve added in today’s look would be easy additions.

Clearly, I am not referring to anything in the juniors department.  Their version of cropped is going to be more drastic than anything we’d want to try.

I’ve created two work outfits and one with a hipster vibe.  The crop has to hit where you’re comfortable and that means that you don’t have to show anything you don’t want to.  The first and the last looks let your t-shirt and blouse do the heavy work and conceal your tummy.

While it is hard to tell in this layout, the middle outfit has a high-waisted skirt.  With a fitted tank or shell underneath, I would wear this jacket unzipped to let more of the skirt with such a pretty print show.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week of spring fashion.  I know it’s hard to imagine all the snow away.  One of these days…it will happen!

Spring Trends 2014- Cropped Jackets


Spring Trends 2014- Cropped Jackets by stylefromthesticks featuring a button skirt

River Island white crop jacket
$75 –

Lined jacket
$53 –

Emma Cook button skirt

Wallis black trousers

ASOS wingtip oxford
$46 –

Pull&Bear black high heel shoes
$43 –