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Fall Sports Series- Soccer

Here’s my last fall sports look- soccer.  Soccer can be just as cold as football, maybe wet and miserable.  Or it can be absolutely perfect.  Come prepared.  Many times once you’re on the soccer fields, you are chillier than you are normally.  Lots of layers with this look, including a team color jacket and tshirt.  The terrain is often times rough so tennies are helpful.  It could also be buggy- keep that in mind when choosing what to cover up in.  I also included a hat to keep out the sun or rain.  And don’t forget your chair!

I hope you enjoyed some fall sports looks.  Just because it’s a sporting event doesn’t mean you need to look like you’re one of the players!  Wear something a little out of the “school spirit” box!

Fall Sports Series- Soccer


Fall Sports Series- Soccer by stylefromthesticks featuring blue jeans

Cole Haan red coat

White House Black Market blue jeans

Propét dog shoes

Fall Sports Series- Volleyball

The great thing about volleyball is… it’s indoors!  So if it’s hot or cold or raining, no worries.  And there are no bugs!  Here’s an outfit with a few layers incase you go from hot to cold in the gym.  Take your simple school shirt and add a fun little duster in your school’s colors.  Add a little interest with a fun headband and toss the tennies!  Add a little more sass by wearing a pair of cute booties!Fall Sports Series- Volleyball


Fall Sports Series- Volleyball by stylefromthesticks featuring bootie boots

White House Black Market red top

Dorothy Perkins stretch jeans

Sole Society bootie boots

Stud earrings
$10 –

Turban headband

Transition to Fall- Off the Shoulder Top

Transition to Fall- Off the Shoulder Top

The off the shoulder or cold shoulder look isn’t going anywhere. Which is good news for those of us with some in the closet. And these lace up flats are EVERYWHERE! Cute and functional.

I hope there was a look for you in this transitional collection!

Transition to Fall- Off the Shoulder Top by stylefromthesticks featuring aviator glasses

Victoria s Secret ribbed tee

$42 –

White House Black Market ripped jeans

Material Girl lace up flat

Boohoo stackable ring

Marc by Marc Jacobs aviator glasses

$38 –

Travel Day

Travel Day

Pretty soon it will be Memorial Day weekend.  It may not seem like it since the temperatures don’t want to warm up, but that is the official kick off to summer!

I couldn’t be more excited!  I may throw my alarm clock out the window soon.  The kids are telling me its time.  It’s time to be out late at night playing until dark and sleeping in.  It’s time to be through with the schedule.

If you have travel plans for the big weekend, I’ll help you pack.  Send me a question and I’ll feature it on the blog.

Here is a great travel outfit.  It could not be simpler.  Did you know that wearing heels during a long car ride is a great idea?  As long as you’re not hauling heavy luggage anywhere once you arrive, you’ll be off your feet for an extended amount of time.  Might as well take advantage of that!

This outfit is a basic jeans and tank look.  What makes the outfit is the kimono top.  This is a huge trend for summer and you’re going to see it everywhere.  Mainly they’ll be worn with short-shorts or crop tops but I’m pretty sure I’m opting out of those categories.  You’ll be channeling your inner boho and be looking great in this easy piece.   These are especially great for those of us that don’t really want to show much skin or are insecure about how our arms look.  Look for one that has a little bit of length to it.   I especially like them when you can see your waist, so tuck that tank top in!

Now you’re travel ready!


Travel Day by stylefromthesticks featuring a cap sleeve shirt

ONLY print top
$41 –

Print top

Oasis cap sleeve shirt
$10 –

Skinny fit jeans

Orange top

Kate Spade structured bag

Chunky jewelry

Stud Earrings for Mom

Studs for Mom

Continuing with mommy style, there are lots of times that as moms, we can’t put together great accessories in a pinch.  The remedy for this problem?  Stud earrings.  Just that little bit of sparkle can pick up even the drabbest of outfits.  The bonus is you can wear them continuously if you wish, even while sleeping.

I put together the basics of studs.  Working our way from the top on the left-

These silver flowers are a great workhorse pair.  These are for every day and can be worn with small chain necklaces and simple outfits.

This pave pair in the middle is a little fancier.  You can dress them up or down, but they are sure to be noticed.

It’s always good to have a pearl pair.  You never know when you’re going to need some pearl studs.

On the bottom left- this pair is for those special occasions.  They’ll give you a ton of sparkle for a night out.

The middle pair is another basic workhorse.  They can be worn daily or dressed up.  Lucky you, those ladies who have real ones.

And finally, a pair in your birthstone would also be a fun colorful option.  If you don’t like your birthstone, just pick your favorite color, a color you wear a lot or a pair that bring out your eyes.

No need to run around with naked earlobes!  Throw on a pair of studs for easy mommy style!


I don’t appreciate technical difficulties.  I’m sorry to report that the image that appeared with yesterday’s post on my Facebook feed wasn’t the right image.  I hope I’ve got it fixed now.



Studs for Mom by stylefromthesticks featuring pearl jewelry

Clear stud earrings
$37 –

Kate Spade blue earrings

White house black market jewelry

Silver stud earrings
$32 –

Gemstone earrings
$12 –

Casual Weekend

Casual Weekend

The weekend is upon us and I’ve put together a few casual colorful outfits for a laid back weekend.

If you want something different, wear a skirt!  Just as easy as jeans, this striped skirt kicks up your style.  For a cool day, pair it with a comfortable sweater.

Can you tell I’m really in love with the white converse this spring?  It’s on my must-have list.  Pair them with a printed tank (no florals needed) and a cardi to keep  you warm.

If you’re a polo girl, don’t be afraid of putting multiple colors together.  Brights look great when worn in a motley crew.  What ties them together?  A simple bracelet.  Yes, you can do that.

I hope you have a bright, sunshiny weekend!


Casual Weekend by stylefromthesticks featuring long tops

Pull Bear top
$30 –

Lola zipper jeans
$89 –

Converse star shoes

Flat pumps

Crystal chain necklace

Accessorize jewellery

Mixing Masculine & Feminine

Mixing Masculine & Feminine

Our last lesson for a while is about mixing feminine and masculine textures and looks.  The combination is so wonderful.  And here’s why.  Think about a beauty queen all dressed up for competition in her dazzling sequin fuchsia gown, big hair, lots of lipstick and high heels.  While this outfit is Barbie’s dream come true (and perhaps men across America’s), it pretty much leaves you with a cavity.  Think about all the great film female characters that you’ve watched- they all have a little something “extra” that makes them tough while girly.  Scarlett O’Hara had her fiery garnet gown that Rhett carries her up the stairs in and her green velvet “drapes” dress.  Holly Golightly wore her LBD with pearls but don’t forget the Ray Bans.  When Harry & Sally* go on their walk in the park and Sally is wearing her Panama hat with a blazer and polka dots (totally a look I’d wear today), this moment from the movie makes these characters fragile and strong at the same time.  Suffice it to say, it’s a pleasing combination.

How to do it?

In my first look, I took a floral printed, soft skirt (feminine) and paired it with a boyfriend sweater (masculine) and brogues (masculine).   I kept the same cocktail ring and added it in each outfit.  No sweat.

The second outfit began with coated denim.  Much more comfortable than real leather (see Ross Geller and the lotion) but with the same tough texture.  I paired it with lace.  Whoa.  That was a stretch.  And a little bit of sparkle.  The outfit maker?  The leopard print shoes.

The last outfit is a classic combination- satin top, tweed skirt.  They are a match made in heaven.  Those heavy materials crave something juxtaposed to their condition.  Big words today.  A pencil skirt always means heels and pretty ones.

I hope I gave you something new this week to think about when you are putting outfits together!

*Please don’t make me reference this movie.  Google it you young pup!

Mixing Masculine & Feminine by stylefromthesticks featuring a pencil skirt

Cut loose top

Mango blue blouse
$32 –

White House Black Market pencil skirt

Monki flower print skirt
$40 –

Peep toe slingback
$39 –